Much of this prophecy has been fulfilled but many seem to agree that this prophecy has not fully run its course. There has been in the past and still seems to be today certain disagreements, maybe even confusion among some in the COG, about this prophecy and the last week. (This also applies to many outside sources and commentaries, considering what they record, as they also differ on their conclusions.) The one true COG that has always been a Spiritual organism is divided in understanding or teaching on this subject, which goes back into the WCG under HWA. All Biblical doctrine should be based on what is given in the Bible and Paul was inspired to write not to be divided (1Cor.1:10-Phil.2:1-5) yet we can clearly see there are many groups that do not all teach the same thing on various points of Scriptural truth.

The main thing in question and the purpose for this study is; Did Christ use up the first 3 & ½ years of the 70th week of this prophecy, with His ministry? COG leaders and organizational groups explaining this differently can become confusing to those new to the faith, those seeking to learn the truth on this subject. However, we know the word of God is inspired (2Tim.3:16) and with God there is no confusion (1Cor.14:33) so the confusion on this is with men and their understanding. For those allowing the Holy Spirit to guide them into all truth, (John 16:13) they will not be confused over this prophecy.


This is a simple study that anyone can do and I strongly recommend that you focus on what the Bible reveals, using patience and an open mind—not preconceived notions and what men say the Bible reveals. Let us quickly review what Daniel reveals about this last week, in relation to other prophecies and Scripture. Please use your own Bible to look up and read these Scriptures yourself, to become more familiar with them. This study will be using the NKJ and several other translations.


Let us start with a common and very simple question.

(Editorial note: keep in mind that this Bible study material and much of the content is several years old. Much has transpired on the world scene in the last few years to bring this prophecy much closer to a reality. Terrorist activities have stepped up and the Middle East is changing rapidly. As 2015 comes to a close, the world is ripe for this to begin to be fulfilled.)


(1) QUESTION:  Did the 70th week begin to be fulfilled with Christ’s ministry, or is it still to come in the future?


Answer & Comments:

As was indicated in the introduction, some believe and teach that the ministry of Christ used the first half of the 70th week. They base this thinking partly on their own interpretation of Dan.9:26&27, which we will examine later. However, we must consider if Christ used the first half of the week for His ministry, then the three and one half year tribulation/day of the Lord period is the only time frame left to fulfill Daniel’s 70th week prophecy. If there are not seven years, then how and when will these other prophecies come to play out that also seem to be part of this week?  What about the sacrifices starting once again and then to be stopped, leading into Jacob’s trouble, (Jer.30:7, 12-15) which are also end time prophecy? Many other prophecies come into play as well, leading up to the tribulation and those are also yet future, as we have not yet seen them reach complete fulfillment. However it is my belief that the stage is quickly being set for these very end time events to start happening and most likely are already under way in preparation, behind the scene. This question will be answered more fully as we continue this study, with other attributes being brought in.


(2) QUESTION:     

What are some of these “other” prophesied events mentioned above that may also come in the same time frame of the last week or seven years?


Answer & Comments:

Actually there are too many to cover in one study, but the abomination of desolation has to first be put in place, (Matt.24:15) we see no vast array of armies surrounding the Jerusalem area (Luke 21:20) nor anyone else taking flight as Christ indicated would be happening as the tribulation is about to get under way, which seems to be things that would play out during the last week of years. Further explanation; Upon checking end time prophecies in the book of Daniel that pertain to this same time frame, we find the king of the North being attacked by the king of the South, which neither one of these figures have yet emerged again in our time frame. (Dan.11:40-45— the final fulfillment of this prophecy shows the king of the south being overwhelmed by the king of the North.)

Then, in Dan.12:7 we find the work of the COG seeming to be stopped completely, (Amos 8:11) at which time the COG would flee, (Rev.12:14) then verse 11 we see that the daily sacrifices will be stopped, which have not even been started up again yet, but are prophesied to come, seemingly within the last week. (Many of these things would be null and void for the world today, going by the assumptions that Christ fulfilled the first half of the week, they have already been fulfilled.) We must be diligent in our studies and not get “dull of hearing” or studying Scripture. (see Heb.5:11-14)

The stage is still being set at this time for the two witnesses and their time of prophesying and testimonies to start, which will begin with the tribulation. These two witnesses could very well be functioning somewhere in the COG today, being unrecognized. (Compare Rev.11:3-10 & Zech.4:3, 14) Is everything going on today and for the last 2000 years happening between the two half weeks, or does it make more sense that the last week has not yet begun?


(3) Question:     Where do we find this 70 weeks prophecy mentioned in the Bible and what led up to it?



Daniel 9:24-27 is where this is found in Scripture. This is where the divide on this comes in as most in the COG either believe that 69 weeks of years have already been fulfilled or that 69 & 1/2 weeks have been fulfilled. Let us examine Scriptures that relate to this.

Daniel understood from reading the writings of Jeremiah that God had determined 70 years of punishment to Judah before decreeing their return to rebuild Jerusalem and the temple, and this is what he is referring to in Dan.9:1-2. However, even Daniel did not understand this prophecy was to play out through time, the last of it being at least 2,500 years or more into the future. (Dan.12:9)

Jer 29:10     “For thus says the LORD: After seventy years are completed at Babylon, I will visit you and perform My good word toward you, and cause you to return to this place.”  

Daniel, in knowing from his calculations that the time spoken of by Jeremiah is about up, sets himself to beseech God in prayer to understand the events to come. God hears his prayer and sends the arch Angel Gabriel to give him understanding. Dan 9:23  "At the beginning of your supplications the command went out, and I have come to tell you, for you are greatly beloved; therefore consider the matter, and understand the vision:


For more background, Scriptural references in 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles and a few other pertinent Scriptures, can help see prophecy that led up to this time frame. But this brings us to the intended purpose of our study, the start point of the 70 weeks prophecy and its last week, given to Daniel.  Notice V.24          "Seventy weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sins, to make reconciliation for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy, and to anoint the Most Holy.”

Many have come to their own conclusions on this last statement and have gone in different directions with their conclusions. One must pay very close attention to what has already been completely fulfilled coming to the time of Christ, which takes some effort and belief of what is truly revealed combined with history. Let us begin with this last statement;


(4) Question:  Is “to anoint the Most Holy” in the above verse a reference to Christ at his baptism and the beginning of His ministry as some consider?


Answer & Comments:  

In considering the various translations and meanings of words, the answer is most likely not as will be explained. There are many aspects of this verse that show us it covers a large span of time. For example, Christ made reconciliation to the Father possible through His atoning blood, (Rom.5:9-11) but Satan has to be put away before there can be an end to sins or transgression, so there is some duality to this verse that may even stretch to the end of this human experience. Even those who come up in judgment will have sinned and need repentance.

The NKJ version with center column marginal references has notes that would lead us to check different translations & other Bible helps for varied meanings of some words. That is why we need to study diligently instead of being lazy and just settling on traditional explanations.

For example: Most Holy in the margin is rendered “The Holy of Holies” and the RSV, NRSV & NAS have it “and to anoint a most holy placewhich they would have to do when the temple was rebuilt and would be in agreement with that marginal note. Consider that Christ is not a “place” and the prophecy contains information for them to rebuild Jerusalem and the Temple with a Sanctuary & Holy of Holies. If another temple is built, as the Jews desire to do, this will have to be done again, so this is the most likely meaning. The temple was yet to be restored at the time of this prophecy. However this prophecy has some duality to it, as noted above and extends all the way to the return of Christ, where He will bring in “everlasting righteousness”, or set up the kingdom of God that will never be destroyed. (Dan. 2:44) The sealing up of vision and prophecy also cannot fully be done until all is fulfilled. (Matt.5:17-18 & Acts 3:19-21) 

(Some prophecies such as Satan being loosed in the end of the millennium, the final battle of Gog and Magog and then the great white throne judgment, obviously will not be fulfilled at Christ’s return and the establishment of the kingdom of God. These specific things may not however, even be considered into this prophecy, although they seem to be.) 


(5) Question:    What does it mean in v.24 “Seventy weeks are determined”?  



The RSV, ASV and MKJV all use the word “decreed” instead of determined, and Strong’s definition shows it can mean decree.  NKJ Verse 25 refers to the same thing and calls it a command, but the meaning is the same. Isa 46:9-10 (RV)  “Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me;  V.10 declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times things that are not yet done; saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:”--- (These advance visions of what God is doing are how this is being revealed to Daniel.)

Dan 9:25 (NAS)"So you are to know and discern {that} from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince {there will be} seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; it will be built again, with plaza and moat, even in times of distress.” 


Note the detail of this verse. The fulfillment of this part of the prophecy is history that all took place and played out before Christ came on the scene to start His earthly ministry. Seven weeks is 49 days, but using the day for a year analogy, found in Num. 14:34 & Ezek. 4:6, this would be 49 years. Then this would be added to the sixty two weeks of years, (434 days or years) in order to make a total of 483 years or 69 weeks of years, which would end before or at the beginning of Christ’s ministry. Let us note more detail;


(6) Question:    What is this “decree” that was issued, and how do we understand this as the Bible presents it?



Ezra 7:12-13 (NKJ) “Artaxerxes, king of kings, To Ezra the priest, --- 13 I issue a decree that all those of the people of Israel and the priests------ Ezra 7:21 “And I, even I, Artaxerxes the king, do issue a decree to all the--- you can read the full context in your Bible, but the point here is to answer the question.

The most widely accepted time frame and the one that fulfills the prophecy is 457 BC. As we can see in the verse above, the first part of this decree was to “restore and rebuild” Jerusalem, but as is noted in Dan.9:24, this would also include the temple with its Most Holy place. We can find the confirmation of this included in the decree given in Ezra 7:11-26. Some have questioned this decree and have claimed that it did not include the rebuilding of Jerusalem, only the temple. This belief is based on a misunderstanding of what is recorded in the book of Nehemiah. However, knowing that there should be no contradictions in the Bible and on a careful reading of chapter four of the book of Ezra, it is easily discovered that they were in fact intending to rebuild the City also and that the intent of the decree from King Artaxerxes was to rebuild both the Temple and the City of Jerusalem, with its walls. The fact that Ezra was focused on the temple, the house of God with its Holy of Holies and an altar is confusing to some. They started with an altar first, as seen in Ezra 3:2 and the temple was next, V.8. The first part of this prophecy was during the first 7 weeks of years or 49 years, according to Dan.9:25, last part, as was stated above.


(7) Question:  How do we tell today where the 69 weeks end and does that present the possible start of the 70th week?



According to the most accepted research and mathematical calculations, counting according to the Bible and the time of this decree forward in time, (457 years + 27 = 484—but there was no year “0” to actually make 457 years, which shortens it one year. There were only 456 literal years, as BC 1 ended by counting forward with 1 AD.) the 483 years would finish with 27 A.D. (some commentaries and other works of men forget this simple fact and conclude Christ’s ministry began in 26 AD.) So the ending of the 69 weeks of years was the same year and approximate time frame Christ was baptized at about thirty years of age, (Matt. 3:16, Mark1:10 & Luke 3:21-23) giving some the impression that was the beginning of the last week.

Now let us move forward, however being open minded and seriously think about the details involved here! God is a God of details. If this is where the last week of Daniel’s prophecy began, then this would raise a lot of questions with Scriptural revelation and create some very hard to answer questions on some points. On careful examination, it seems very clear that this prophecy indicates Christ is crucified between the 69th and 70th week, not half-way into the last week and we will see some evidence of this as we go on.


[ Editors comment: Another thing to keep in mind is John 10:35, last part, which tells us that Scripture cannot be broken. We should search the Scriptures daily for truth, (Acts 17:11) and stay within the context— (Isa.28:10)—line upon line or precept upon precept, here a little and there---. We are also told that God cannot lie in Titus 1:2, and that it is impossible for God to lie in Heb.6:18. So these Scriptures assure us that we can know without “guessing” or twisting some wording simply because of the way it is worded. The word of God can be relied on for accuracy of details to get at the truth and all we have to do is exercise these points of study with faith and belief.

It is clear however, some large and influential churches have altered this time line in their teachings and pagan practices, saying Christ was crucified in 30 or 33 A.D. This false teaching is designed either way to make the Bible agree that Christ was crucified on a Friday, (because the Passover fell on Friday in both of those years) according to the Roman Julian calendar, which was in use at the time. This means He would have started His ministry in the 26th or 29th year A.D; which neither of those years fit into the accurate time line of this prophecy. (Christ’s only sign of being Messiah does not fit with a Friday crucifixion and an early Sunday morning resurrection.) Another thing to consider is the spring Holy days were late (because of a leap year) the year of 31A.D. and on the Julian calendar, (Christ being crucified on the 14th of Nissan, which was) Wednesday April 25th indicating a 13th  month in the Hebrew calendar had occurred  just previous to the Holy day cycle of 31 A.D. (See the article PARALLELS-Calendar for a much better explanation of this subject of leap years, 19 year cycles and a Holy Day calendar.]


A lot of other related details could be put in place here, but the obvious understanding is that the 69 weeks ended with 27 A.D. as stated above and in accordance with research of many dedicated scholars and several COG leaders & members now dead, along with the obvious from Scripture; V.25   ---“ there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublesome times.”  Nehemiah oversaw the work of building the walls “in troublesome times”. Jerusalem was rebuilt and the temple was there when Christ came on the scene. The Roman Empire was already going and the majority of this prophecy had been fulfilled, leaving only the last week. This leads to the assumption Christ and His ministry began the last week because of misinterpretations of some of these Bible details.


(8) Question:

Are there any other “details” that should be considered, dealing with the 70th week perhaps not starting with Christ and His earthly ministry?


Answer & Comments:

We need to consider that none of the gospel writers mention the fact that the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy started at the beginning of Christ’s ministry. Christ and the apostles all, including the apostle Paul, taught from Old Testament Scriptures about the prophecies concerning Christ and other events that were fulfilled. Christ Himself mentioned Daniel’s prophecy of the abomination of desolation being set up at the start of the tribulation, but there is nothing of this last week having already begun. Christ fulfilled all prophecy concerning Himself, as He said, (Luke 24:44) but never mentioned that He began this seventieth week. Christ is found mentioning a lot of future prophecy, including the prophecy of the destruction of the temple, which came in 70 A.D. However, there is no mention of Him fulfilling the first half of this last week of this prophecy by His ministry.

With all the facts being put into place by God and Christ, why leave this 70th week out, if His ministry was to fulfill half of it? Something this significant would not be ignored by a God of such detail. When John was given the book of Revelation, we find this recorded right in the beginning; Rev 1:1 “The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave Him to show His servants-- things which must shortly take place. And He sent and signified it by His angel to His servant John---” and then He begins with the Church through time.  The details of two 1260 year periods are found, in which are some duality; three and one half years of the tribulation and the 42 months, (1260 days & years) then the two witnesses time frame, the Church being taken into her place for a time, times and half a time all are spoken of in this book as events to come, but nowhere does it tell us the time frame is fulfilling the last half of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy. Some will say this is insignificant, but putting these points together with what else is revealed, these things become quite significant as parts of the overall picture. Going back now to Daniel’s prophecy, notice how detailed and specific it has been thus far,  V.25  ---“ there shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublesome times.” 


These details are clear and can be found fulfilled in points of history and this of course makes 69 weeks, total. We have seen in Scripture that God cannot lie, and it is also well known that these weeks are weeks of years—49 years, then 434 years added makes a total of 483 years. But notice and think about these words in the beginning of the next verse in Daniel’s seventy weeks prophecy, V.26   "And after the sixty-two weeks Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself;”--- (the Scripture has already acknowledged the first seven weeks, therefore it is not mentioned here, as the focus is on the last 62 weeks being complete, but it is still counted in the overall number of years ending with 27AD included.) This of course is including the start of the ministry of Christ, which also began in 27 AD. Remember God is a God of precise detail, not generalities, and history reveals the fulfillments have been precise up to this point.

Now think about this for a moment as more detail— if Christ’s ministry included the first 3 & ½ years of the 70th week, in all honesty it should read “after the sixty two and one half weeks” because 486 & ½ years would have gone by from the time of the decree noted earlier to His crucifixion.  To be perfectly honest it should say “in the midst of the 70th week Messiah shall be cut off”, but as we can see it does not read that way nor is this revealed as such anywhere in Scripture, yet other prophecy reveals time, times and half a time, or 3 & ½  years in detail. The obvious answer is that the entire week was yet to be fulfilled at some future date from the crucifixion of Christ and that Christ was in fact crucified after the completion of the 69th week and before the 70th week began.


(9) Question:   But doesn’t the next verse (27) indicate that Christ was in fact being cut off in the middle of the prophetic week?


Answer & Comments:

This is an “assumed” human interpretation of these verses based on several different things, but we are told not to make for ourselves a private interpretation of the Scriptures, (2Pet.1:19-21) as Scripture interprets Scripture for us. So with that in mind, before going to the next verse, we should pick up the last part of verse 26, because it is in the same context as verse 27 and actually helps us understand this. We notice the context shifts right in the middle of V.26 from Christ the Messiah being cut off, crucified and now dead after the 69 weeks have finished. It shifts to a ruler/commander/ prince that is yet to come. If Christ has already been cut off, this cannot continue to talk of Christ as if He had not yet been cut off, (now middle of V.26) –“and the people of the prince who is to come (he IS NOT already on the scene according to this wording) shall destroy the city and the sanctuary.”— Christ did not do this, so He is not this prince! Jerusalem was sacked and the temple destroyed by Roman armies or the “people of the prince” in 70 AD, so the clear mention of a “prince to come” could not be a reference to Christ, if we honestly consider how this is worded and believe it. Christ had nothing to do with destroying the city and the sanctuary—that came in 70 AD as Christ himself prophesied would come. (Matt.24:1-3)


Let us take some time here to digest some history, in relation to this prophecy. The “people of the prince” has been reversed in wording by some, in an effort to link this back to Christ and His ministry in order to fit their determined teaching. To make that argument even seem legitimate, quirks of Scripture are used, which should not be done. (Deut.12:32) However, it is proven more accurately by history and Scripture to fit the Roman emperor and his army, who did destroy the temple in 70 A.D. and many years after the crucifixion. Christ Himself prophesied this, as already noted. The point here in Scripture and from history is clear, this “prince to come” is not speaking of Christ. Here is also an excerpt from Adam Clarke Commentary. Note;   [destroy the city and the sanctuary] By the "prince" Titus, the son of Vespasian, is plainly intended; and "the people of that prince" are no other than the Romans, who, according to the prophecy, destroyed the sanctuary, haqodesh   (heb 6944), the holy place or temple, and, as a flood, swept away all, till the total destruction of that obstinate people finished the war.” 

Here now, is the rest of V.26; “The end of it shall be with a flood, and till the end of the war desolations are determined.”  (These Bible helps have their place and are helpful in adding in historical events, leading us to a better understanding when compared with other Scriptures as we are doing here. However, they are not to take precedent over the clear Word of God.)


There is also one last bit of information to consider; when Christ began His ministry—at His baptism by John—was this at the end of 27 AD or during it? The Hebrew calendar does not appear to be the one used to determine these factors and they had two different uses of that; one starting the new year (for Holy Days) in the spring and the other (the civil year) with the 7th month. The end of 27 AD would be the completion of the 483 years, but according to what calendar? With this context being now revealed as most likely pertaining to a Roman “prince” or emperor and not Christ at all, we can now go to verse 27 and continue on in the context of the last week to be fulfilled. V.27 “Then he (the prince—not Christ) shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;”— Christ did not confirm the New Covenant at the beginning of His ministry, but at its end!

We can connect some other prophecy and prophetic figures into the fulfillment of these prophecies, now that we have established that this is not speaking of Christ, and the entire week is still future. If the “he” in the above verse is referring to a Roman “prince to come”, clearly shown by the context, it can apply to other prophetic events that are coming in our time.

As most Bible students know, many of Daniel’s prophecies go hand in hand with many of the prophetic figures of the book of Revelation. For example, note this comment based on Rev. 13:1,   “there will be the cruel reign of the "beast coming up out of the sea" <13:1> who, breaking his covenant with the Jews”--- (from New Unger's Bible Dictionary, originally published by Moody Press of Chicago, Illinois.  Copyright (C) 1988.)  When does the “Beast” make a covenant with the Jews? As many other prophecies reveal, the beast is also the “king of the North” and the Roman empire, which has one last revival.

This takes us right back to V.27 of Daniel’s prophecy, given above in the last answer and makes note of the fact that it is a type of the “beast” making this “covenant”. But let us be more thorough, as there is more to it than what we have taken from Unger’s, so we need to find more Scriptural proof of the connection. Prophecy in Daniel 7 with the four beasts that came up out of the sea is what Unger’s above is referring to, but there are two beasts mentioned in Rev. 13! The fourth beast of Daniel 7 is proven out to be the Roman Empire with its emperors, which came on the scene before Christ was born into the time frame of the Roman Empire. The Roman emperor or power over the “prince” in the time frame of the destruction of the temple in 70 A.D. was only one of several that have sat in that seat of authority down through time.


The Roman Empire was to have seven revivals after it received its deadly wound in 476 A.D. (Rev.13:3 & 17:10-11) and the first one of those revivals occurred in 554 A.D. with Justinian. However the second beast of Rev.13:11 was on the scene at that time and also had considerable influence and authority on down through time. The office of this second beast is a religious leader, being directly responsible for the deaths of perhaps millions not yielding to their brand of “Christianity” and possibly thousands of true saints were also martyred. (Dan. 7:21-22) There will soon be another martyrdom to occur after the final revival of the first beast, the Roman Empire, with persecutions and martyrdom, beginning again at the insistence of the second beast or false prophet (2Thess.2:8-9 & Rev.19:20) and the image of the beast (Catholic church) and its mark. (false worship and Commandment breaking)

For more on this, be sure to read the booklet THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST!  which reveals a lot about this second beast, who & what it is, what the image is and its power and the mark of the beast.  You need this information NOW, for help in understand this Bible symbol! You can read the booklet online or go to our booklets page and download it.


(10) Question:  Why do some say Scripture (Dan.9:27) clearly shows that it was Christ who put an end to sacrifice and offering at His crucifixion?


Answer & Comments:

Again this is human presumption and leaning to human understanding. This is a point many have gotten confused on, and have actually ended up deceiving or at least confusing others with their teaching. 2 Pet.1:20 tell us we are not to privately interpret Scripture, as we have noted before, simply because Scripture interprets itself. Let us notice these words very carefully from the revised standard version of the Bible; “And he shall make a strong covenant with many for one week; (Could not be the New Covenant, explained above) and for half of the week he shall cause sacrifice and offering to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one who makes desolate, until the decreed end is poured out on the desolator."  (Dan 9:27—RSV) 


Some think (and even teach in their study papers and internet answers to such questions) that this is speaking of the New Covenant that Christ established at the last Passover, but that covenant was only established with the true COG at the time, which was a very little flock, (Luke 12:32) on the day of Pentecost it only numbered 120, so they could not by any means be considered the “many” at any time thru history. The new covenant will not actually even be established for mankind in general until after Christ returns. (Heb.8:6-10 & Jeremiah 31:31-34)

(Some say that this covenant actually began when Christ’s ministry began; Thus in their mind, the beginning of the 70th week, however one must keep in mind that Christ had no disciples when His ministry actually began, leaving this part of their theory also very improbable.)

Also Scripture does not anywhere show this to have occurred at the beginning of Christ’s ministry nor is it even mentioned, but at the end and last Passover, after His ministry in the flesh was over. Christ having “magnified” the Law is another claim brought in, but this was not just by “covenant”, as Christ Himself is the personification of the magnifying of the Law, which lives on in Christians through the Spirit, so this could not be considered the “covenant or treaty” that is being talked about in Dan.9:27!


Let me remind you once more, the claim that this was the new covenant, with Christ’s crucifixion stopping the daily sacrifices in the middle of the prophetic week does not add up in light of so many other points. Christ did not “desolate” anything when He was here in the flesh, nor did He stop (“cut off”) the Jews from continuing to do their sacrifices. Christ, by His crucifixion certainly made it no longer necessary for any more blood sacrificial offerings to be made, understood only in the minds of true Christians, but He did not physically do away with them or cause them to physically cease, which is what the prophecy is referring to. They continued until the temple was destroyed— as already mentioned in 70 A.D. The Jews point blank asked Christ “who are You” and still did not grasp the answer when He gave it. Notice this; John 8:25 Then they said to Him, "Who are You?" And Jesus said to them, "Just what I have been saying to you from the beginning.” Later on He asked them why they did not understand, and then told them why they really could not! (V. 43-47—which also matches what Paul said in Romans 8:5-8 & 1Cor.2:14) The Jews as a majority rejected Christ as being the true Messiah. This quote comes from an article on the internet;


“Rabbis aim to renew animal sacrifices”

(Updated March 1st, 2007, and is supported by many other statements about this from Jewish writers on the internet and otherwise.) --- “Other Rabbis point out that ritual animal sacrifice has been banned since the destruction of the Second Temple in A.D. 70.   "Around that time, animal sacrifice, as a mode of religious worship, stopped for Jews, Christians and Muslims," said Rabbi Doniel Hartman of the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.” So clearly this confirms when the animal sacrifices were stopped.


Dan.12:11 shows that there are 1290 days after the sacrifices are stopped and the abomination of desolation is set up, not just 1260 or 42 months. That Scripture alone makes it clear that these sacrifices will start sometime before the tribulation and then be discontinued also before the tribulation, not during the last half of the week, yet they are still future. These are just some common sense things to think about and relate to this and other Biblical prophecy.


There is now hope and a zealous drive in Israel and among many Jews worldwide to rebuild the Temple. There has even been some aid to such a project by some wealthy Americans in the very recent past. Below is an excerpted quote from an article, which was obtained a few years ago, from an internet site with information on the projected hope of rebuilding the temple; 

  “Two recent developments are particularly significant to Bible prophecy, and both are related to the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple: In January 2005, the Sanhedrin-the highest ruling body and court of justice among the Jewish people in the time of Jesus-convened for the first time in 1,600 years. Two weeks later, on February 9, 2005, the Sanhedrin began to consider the rebuilding of the Temple and reinstitution of ancient animal sacrifices as commanded in the Law of Moses.”

By the Scriptures that we have used and this information that we have covered here in this study, it should now be easy to see that even the Jews are anxious for this to take place but it has not yet come to fruition. The time is still future and it should be apparent that the entire 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy could very well be yet ahead! When the “covenant” or treaty agreement with “many” is actually made, it will start a seven year countdown, the 70th week of this prophecy which could very well include several other prophecies not yet fulfilled.


Closing comments;

This author obtained information at the Feast of Tabernacles in 2004 that some sacrificing was already being carried out in the nation of Israel by certain zealots and Jewish sects, but nothing on the temple mount, as they desire. In 2005—as goes along with and is verified somewhat by the quote above— there were some pictures and video circulated on the internet of some Passover lamb sacrifices being done, but not yet in a large or widely known manifestation and also no daily sacrifices yet done on an altar, though a movable alter has now already been built.

The beast power is on the rise in Europe and these prophecies that we have looked at will come to pass, as the angel told Daniel, when he was revealing the meaning of the great visionary statue to king Nebuchadnezzar. (Dan 2:45 “The dream is certain, and its interpretation is sure.")


Upon close examination, it should now be visible that verse 27 of Daniel chapter nine does not appear to have anything in it that pertains to Jesus Christ’s earthly ministry, nor does it appear that His ministry could have used half of the last week of this prophecy. In all actuality, the 483 years or the 69 weeks may not have been complete when Christ was baptized and started His ministry. The New Covenant that Christ set forth at the last Passover was at the end of His 3 & ½ year ministry and therefore could not possibly be the covenant talked about in verse 27 that is yet to be made and will start the final week. Perhaps this is why the last week is not mentioned in this prophecy until after Christ is “cut off” and the “prince” spoken of here to make this covenant or treaty does not come on the scene until the end time. We saw that the prince to come in V.26 has already been fulfilled in the Roman emperors, and that authority was used to destroy the temple, as Christ prophesied, and was done by “the people of the prince” or roman soldiers. There is one last revival of the Roman Empire yet to come and three more offices of power to come on the scene, called in Scripture the beast (king of the north) and the false prophet, (Rev.19:20-Pope-head of Catholicism, second beast of Rev.13/man of sin) and the king of the south. Together these will wreak havoc on the earth, possibly first on America and then many nations in the rest of the world. But it will not start out like that, and that is why so many will be deceived and caught off guard. (See 1 Thess.5:2-4 & Jer.8:11)


A severe persecution and martyrdom is soon to come on all who refuse to take the symbolic mark of the beast, yet to be put in force.  We have entered into a time frame of liberalism and outright rebellion against God and the truths of the Bible here in America and around the world that will rapidly turn dark and chaotic, as the end time prophecies of the Bible come to fulfillment. To be a first fruit, one must be a believer who is on track with God, zealously be searching and believing what His Word reveals, or you will not understand nor will you have protection. Matt.25:1-13 indicates that as many as half of those considering themselves to be the COG will be shut out of participating in the Marriage Supper, which coincides with the last era of the COG we are now in. Time is short and these things are probably much closer than most people realize.   “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”  (Rev 3:22)


The Living Bible in some passages is worded in such a way that seems very accurate and clear to the understanding. That seems to hold true in this case, as it seems to portray Dan. 9:27 very compatible with other Scriptural revelation, so we close with this it.   Dan 9:27       “This king will make a seven-year treaty with the people, but after half that time, he will break his pledge and stop the Jews from all their sacrifices and their offerings; then, as a climax to all his terrible deeds, the enemy shall utterly defile the sanctuary of God. But in God's time and plan, His judgment will be poured out upon this evil one."   (TLB)

                                                                                                  (This study has now been adapted for TCOGMSO by the editor)


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