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                                              IS THERE REALLY ANY CONNECTION?



Parallels-Calendar; This article is over a decade old, containing information and a calendar (Updated periodically) for the true COG. HWA came to understand and taught about the 19 year time cycles, which were set in motion by God. These cycles directly affected the Holy Days of God as well and regulate the “appointed times”. The COG today observes these annual Holy Days, as they come on the Hebrew calendar as well as how they come every year on the Gregorian calendar of today. The Roman year and the Hebrew year do not start at the same time and are not the same length, as is explained in the article below. Another article was recently produced to help understand this one a little better and I recommend you read it in connection with this one. (Late Feasts)

                                                     (Last editing & updating—10/26/16)


WHAT PARALLELS OR SIMILARITIES can we see between one 19 YEAR TIME CYCLE and one YEARLY CYCLE OF GOD’S HOLY DAYS? What does 7 leap years (7 additions of a 13th month in a 19 year span of time, using the Hebrew calendar) have to do with some of the planets coming back into alignment with one another and the Holy Days of God? That answer is given within and is the reason for this article.


The knowledge of the need to keep the annual Holy Days was brought back into God’s Church in the previous era, (Philadelphia) and with zeal to obey God and preach the true Gospel. Today, many are allowing themselves to be liberalized and are following a variance of leaders, organizations and a few doctrinal shifts in this era of Laodicea. With God however, there is no variation, as is found in James1:17-the last part. This unbelief or at least liberalism in certain areas of Scriptural revelation was prophesied to come. Disbelief or rejection of what was restored to us from the Bible, through H.W.A. (See Jude 3) may in fact be the downfall of many, if not repented of in time! The Holy Day calendar is just one of those subjects, but is very important to the elect of GOD. The right calendar and way of tracking time gives us the right dates for the “appointed” annual Holy Days found in Scripture. There are perhaps several differing Holy Day calendars now being used by “Church of God” people in several different groups, as the COG continues to fracture and separate in Laodicea. Some of these groups are, in all actuality, being disobedient to GOD in regards to actually keeping the Holy Days at their properly determined or “appointed” times. (See Lev.23) This causes great concern to the rest of the body, (1 Cor.12:12-14, 25-27) not wanting to see these individuals fall away, be or stay vomited out, (Rev.3:15-16) for those who perhaps may have already been. True Christians long to see all of the called out and chosen to be born into the family of GOD at the 1st resurrection. However, failure to maintain true faith, search and obey GOD in keeping these days in faith and on the right dates, can cost us our salvation! The true COG is being judged now! (1 Pet.4:17-18) It is important for each individual Christian to remember and be alert to the fact that there are some today who claim to be servants of Jesus Christ, but are actually serving the purpose of Satan the devil instead, by their subtle deceptions. (2 Cor.11:3-4 & 13-15) They do this by continuing to divide the people of God and water down the true doctrines meant for the whole COG!


So in order to help the scattered brethren hold fast to the Biblical truths that we have been given, some of the more zealous are putting much effort into their studies to further solidify the revealed truth on various subjects. God chose to restore for us through HWA these truths and we must be continuing to grow in grace and Bible knowledge; deeper understandings of the Words of God and Christ.  However, we must not forget we are told in Scripture, 1Thes 5:21 “Test (prove) all things; hold fast what is good.” (NKJ) This means correcting some things of the past if need be. In the Gospel of John 16:12-13 where Christ is speaking to the disciples, He says; "I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.”  (Their minds could not retain or grasp the knowledge He was giving them without the Holy Spirit.) 13 "However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.” Some things also only come when there is a need to know and the time is right for God to reveal them.


So, we know that God will guide us to the truth in all matters if we are diligent in seeking Him. He wants us to know how to obey in all things that we are commanded from His word! God reveals mystery, or “hidden truth” to us through His Church, (Eph.3:9-12) which is a spiritual organism. That sometimes comes through individual members, as it did with HWA in the last part of the Sardis era! The true COG is made up of spirit led individuals (Not organizational structures) who make up the spiritual organism that is the Body. (Eph.4:1-7)This would apply to the keeping of the Holy Days and being diligent and sure of the calendar that we use, that we are in fact being as obedient to those commands as is possible for us to do. The Holy-Day calendar was restored for the COG by HWA in 1940, after much study and prayer, along with diligent Biblical research. The Apostle Paul further admonishes us in 1Thes 5:4-6   “But you, brethren, are not in darkness, so that this Day should overtake you as a thief.   5 You are all sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night nor of darkness”. (We have God as our Father and Christ as our elder Brother— See James 1:17—as well as the Holy Spirit to guide us, already mentioned.)

We are now able to readily see and understand the things that the Holy Spirit opens our minds to see, (1 Cor.2:10-14) and so we are not in the darkness anymore when it comes to spiritual understanding. V.6   "Therefore let us not sleep, as others do, but let us watch and be sober.” This being “awake and alert” will help to keep us from being deceived by those Christ said were ravenous wolves (Matt.7:15-20) and who may present to you a counterfeit Gospel as well as a counterfeit holy day calendar, to deceive us on the right message and time for Holy Day worship!


Going back to verse one of this same chapter, before Paul stated those things, he said this: (1Thes 5:1)         “But concerning the times and the seasons, brethren, you have no need that I should write to you.”   And of course the context here is the return of Jesus Christ, typified by the feast of Trumpets, which is a step in the master Plan of God, laid out for us in the Holy Day cycle. That brings me more fully to the subject matter of this article. Times and seasons and the duality or parallels between a 19 year time cycle and one yearly Holy Day cycle. (Those who deny that these time cycles were set in motion from the beginning are not allowing themselves to be led by the Holy Spirit of God to understand truth, please keep that in mind. Rejection of revealed truth does not come from the Spirit of God.) God placed the Holy Days throughout the yearly cycle and the Holy Days are there for the revealing of His master plan for man, throughout time, as was revealed to the COG through HWA.  Let’s remind ourselves of what is written in the book of Genesis. (Gen 1:14)  “Then God said, "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years;-”

(There are other proof’s that we may not have space to reveal in this article, so please feel free to do your own research. However, it is imperative to keep in mind that there are no contradictions in the original works of the Bible.)


If we can come to understand that what is being mentioned in Gen.1:14 is dealing specifically with the sun, moon, other planets and stars and their relation to things dealing with earth and its seasonal changes, this will become clearer! God set this in motion as a part of His creation, but most of us do not realize how many multiple reasons God might have had in mind for setting this up the way He did. I fear that there are many of the called out ones today that do not know or believe this simple fact, (to be revealed within) but there are certain planets that come back into conjunction (“line up”) with each other ever so often and there are 19 year time cycles that God set in motion for His creation! These directly affect our sun, moon and some stars in relation to the rotation of the earth, which gives us our seasons! Notice this statement from God’s late apostle H.W.A., who died in Jan.1986.  This was taken from an article written by him in the spring of 1981, in the Good News magazine of his day.


 the sun, earth and moon do come into almost exact conjunction once every 19 years. God uses the relation of the sun and moon to the earth as His means of marking off points in time.”


To further confirm what HWA stated, this is found under ASTRONOMY, SECTION I (from International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Electronic Database Copyright (C) 1996 by Biblesoft)

          6. The Stars: As with the sun and moon, the stars are regarded under the two aspects of light-givers and time-measurers; or, in other words, as marking the seasons.” (Emphasis added)


So here we see that this Encyclopedia makes the same assertion and also includes some of the stars. Their positioning in the night sky in the Middle East has a part to play in relation to the sun, moon and seasonal events, such as the Festivals and harvest seasons of ancient Israel. We have already read there in Gen. 1:14, Scripture that shows that very thing being set in motion at creation! God confirmed to Noah that these things were to continue after the flood, so they did not change (Gen.8:22) and were not only then added. But what about these 19 year times cycles and where do they fit into God’s plan for the yearly festivals? To answer that question, I want to give you the parallels or dualities that I have found in the 19 year time cycles and one yearly cycle of God’s Holy Days. Some of you reading this will not know it, but the first and most obvious parallel is that there are only 19 actual days out of every entire yearly cycle that are used for and to complete one yearly Holy Day cycle. One yearly Holy Day cycle also manifests and completes itself in the 1st three, or growing and harvesting seasons of the year, spring, summer and fall, according to Scripture.


Deut 16:16  "Three times a year all your males shall appear before the LORD your God in the place which He chooses: at the Feast of Unleavened Bread, (Spring) at the Feast of Weeks, (Early summer) and at the Feast of Tabernacles; (Fall or seventh month) and they shall not appear before the LORD empty-handed.”  (NKJ) These “Three times” represent the entire festival cycle on a yearly basis, with the annual Sabbaths.




We know that God uses numbers all through the Bible and they have a specific purpose in His plan, as they are used in Scripture. Seven of course, everyone knows is for completeness or completion, as God shows in Gen.2:2 where He completed the creation week by resting on and setting apart the seventh day, as a Sabbath Rest, which remains for Christians today.  We find this written in Heb 4:9-10: “There remains therefore a Sabbath rest for the people of God.   10         For the one who has entered His rest has himself also rested from his works, as God did from His.” (NAS)


When God brought Israel out of the bondage of slavery to Egypt, He performed many miraculous things, which scripture calls plagues. At least a few days—maybe longer—before the last and final plague, God began giving Moses some instructions that he, in turn, was to pass on to the nation of Israel. These instructions were some things that they were to do immediately, to insure that they left Egypt with some wealth and were also protected from the last plague. (Death of all firstborn not being “passed over”)  In the process of giving these instructions, God also gave Moses a calendar (or the dates during the Hebrew year) that they would use in observing all of the annual Holy Days. Exod 12:2  This month shall be your beginning of months; it shall be the first month of the year to you.” (NKJ)

(You will find information available on most COG web sites that deal with a Holy Day calendar, plus the calendar at the end of this article. WARNING; be sure to check the dates on these calendars! Some COG group calendars are wrong and have been for years—the very purpose this article was written as already noted—because they do not acknowledge the proper new moon or the added leap years in the right sequence; therefore do not keep the same days as the true COG most of the time. For example, 2009, as well as several other previous years & years since, fall Holy Days have been observed by some groups on the wrong dates and in disobedience to GOD, according to the calendar God inspired HWA to confirm for the COG. Some of the time, every Holy Day for the year is kept on a wrong date, Passover being observed to early or late. 2016 is another year that these same people will observe the Feast of Tabernacles one month too early.)

This word “Month,” which comes from the word Moon, corresponds with our spring time or March/April on the Roman Gregorian calendar and is where the Holy Day cycle for one year begins with the use of the Hebrew calendar. This corresponds to the month Abib, used Biblically—later called Nisan, as seen in Scripture. (Some call this the “Jewish” calendar, but it was first given to all Israel under the human leadership of Moses. However, there is Biblical evidence that Noah observed a 30 day month calendar before the flood. Afterward, we find that Abraham kept these Holy Days.) Leviticus 23 lists all the annual Holy Days as they fall throughout the year, as the cycle starts and runs through the growing and harvesting seasons to complete itself in the fall. As you will notice the Passover is the first day mentioned and is the start point of these Holy Days on the Hebrew sacred calendar. Lev 23:4-5   'These are the feasts of the LORD, holy convocations which you shall proclaim at their appointed times.  5   'On the fourteenth day of the first month at twilight is the LORD'S Passover.” As you will see on the calendar given at the end of this article, all of the festivals and annual Sabbath’s begin and end during one Gregorian calendar year, so when a leap year occurs on the Hebrew calendar, it will be in the same year as the Holy Days begin—thus the Holy Days are pushed forward in the year.


These Holy Days come in three seasons of the same year as mentioned above and also consist of seven annual Holy Days scattered throughout the 19 days that they use through one cycle or year. There are many similarities and some duality between this and one 19 year time cycle, as we are about to see. As we have already mentioned, you need to believe your Bible, and what it says about the Holy Days, as they are commanded in spite of what some ministers are not able to see or understand! In one 19 year time cycle (which some of these “ministers” do not really want to recognize) there are seven “leap years” or times when the Holy day cycle “leaps forward” as previously mentioned. This is caused when a 13th month is added to the end of the previous year (Hebrew Calendar) and is kept on track with the growing seasons. These “leap” years at precise times, every third year five times and twice in only two years, making a total of seven. So as we go from this point on we will see this explained out, showing where there are similarities or duality between the 19 days used in a Holy Day cycle for one year and the 19 year time cycle. This would have also been done before the flood if anyone kept the Holy Days, proving the adding in of a thirteenth month was essential to keep the calendar in line with the seasons. (The idea that there were no seasons before the flood and no rain is also proven false by scripture! See mini-bite titled Cycle of Rain on the COG audio page for more.)


(Refer to the calendar at the end of this article, to verify Holy Day times and dates, as well as leap years & beginning and end of 19 year time cycles, which are identified for you.)


The Passover is the starting day of the Holy Day cycle, a one day festival which is the 14th day of the first month. (Lev.23:5—Num.28:16) (The Jews eventually lost the knowledge of when the Passover lambs were killed and began killing them during the daylight portion of the 14th, and in the evening before sunset, but ate the lamb “meal” on the 15th. However, when the Scriptures are carefully studied, one will find that this was not right and therefore is the reason Christ kept Passover one day earlier than the Jews were doing, when He was crucified.)


The Passover is a solemn feast/ceremony or observance, but not a Holy Day or annual “high Sabbath”. It is the first day used in the Holy Day cycle, an annual feast, but not an annual Holy Day. There is a similarity here, perhaps duality, because the 19 year time cycle never begins with a leap year, but always ends with one. Next, after Passover comes the seven day festival of EATING Unleavened Bread, which starts on the 15th and has a command for a “Holy Convocation” that day, the 1st annual Holy Day, and also on the seventh day, a 2nd one. (Lev.23:6-8) These eight days, including Passover are the first two festivals and conclude the spring Holy Days, the first eight day period out of 19 days for festival use. (There are two 8 day periods, both having two festivals in this one yearly cycle—more about this later.) We have now used a total of eight days and two annual Holy Days. Another similarity appears here in the fact that this season ends with an annual Holy Day as day number eight, whereas the 19 year time cycle adds in a leap year on the eighth year, ending this first eight year period. (Will be explained later) This could be considered another duality because there actually are two eight year periods in a 19 year time cycle, concerning leap years. Going on with the Holy Day cycle, we find that after 50 days are counted, beginning with the first Sunday after Passover, the 9th day we use for Holy Day purposes is called Pentecost or feast of weeks and is considered to be in another season, the early summer first fruits harvest. This is also the 3rd annual Holy Day. Then we pass on through summer, coming to the first day of the seventh month, which is now approaching fall and the 10th day set aside for Holy Day use. This is the 4th annual Holy Day of the year, which is the feast of Trumpets. Then comes Atonement which is the 11th day used, which is also the 5th annual Holy Day. We also find another parallel or similarity here, because the 11th year of the 19 year time cycle also has a leap year added in that year. Another thing we see at this point is that there are three single Holy Days between these two eight day periods mentioned earlier and all of them are annual Sabbaths, whereas, in the 19 year time cycle there are three years between the two eight year periods.


Here we need to briefly explain the two eight day and 8 year periods and how that is determined, so as not to be confusing. These two eight year periods are paralleled by the two eight day periods in the Holy Day cycle. In the first eight years of a 19 year time cycle, you would at the beginning count two years, and the 3rd year would be a leap year, or where a 13th month is added on the Hebrew calendar. Count two more years and add another leap year in the 6th year, but here is where it changes because now you only count one year and then a leap year is added on the 8th year. (Three leap years in the first 8 years) This pattern is duplicated again, but only in the last eight years of the 19 year cycle—3 years in between, containing one leap year, to make the seven. So you have 3 leap years in the first 8 years and 3 leap years in the last 8 years—a duplicate sequence of the first. The two 8 day periods in the 19 day cycle for one year also has some duplication. The cycle begins by using the first eight days, which is comprised of two Holy Days and two separate festivals, Passover and the seven days of UNLB. The last eight days begins with seven days for the Feast of Tabernacles and then the eighth day is another festival—this 8 day period also contains two annual Holy Days.


Now, back to our step by step explanation; we have come to the Feast of Tabernacles, the 6th feast of God which begins on the 15th day of the seventh month and is also another annual Sabbath or the 6th annual Holy Day. This also begins the last or 2nd eight day period containing two Feasts, which will actually conclude the Holy Day cycle for one year. This 6th feast lasts for seven days which brings us to a total of 18 days now used so far in this cycle. This also has significance, because by the time the 18th year comes in a 19 year cycle, there have also been six leap years added into that span of time, so here is yet another similarity but there are still other things to consider! This 2nd eight year period is a mirror or duplicate of the first eight year period with the three years in between, the 3rd, 6th and 8th being leap years, as previously explained above and for the first eight year period.

The one day festival that we all have come to know as The last Great day is the 19th day that we will have used for festival purposes and the cycle is complete. (However, this day is never specifically called this in Scripture, as it is referred to only as the eighth day in Leviticus and elsewhere. Jude 6 mentions “the great day” of judgment concerning fallen or rebellious angels.) It is also the 7th annual Holy Day, fitting all seven of those annual Holy Days into those 19 days and is in fact the 7th and final “Feast of the LORD” ending this Holy Day cycle for that year! This also is the 2nd feast of this eight day period, just as we saw that there were two feasts in the first eight day period. So just as the Holy Day cycle began with a single day feast, it now ends with a single day feast.

This ending is all in the seventh month, picturing the completion of the cycle for that year! The 19th year completes its cycle with the 7th and completing leap year for that cycle and it starts all over the same way in the next one. So here are a few more things that could be considered duality, or at least parallels. This year, 2016 has several of the planets lining up (noted in the news in the spring) and these will be visible even to the naked eye at times throughout the year, before they begin to move back out of this order.


To conclude and summarize; the Holy Day cycle year 2005, when the Last or eighth Day was completed, it was the 8th year in this present 19 year time cycle. Because there was only one year between leap years that year, it made the Passover—and all the Holy Days that followed—fall later in the year according to the Julian or Gregorian Roman calendar. This will happen again at the end of the second 8 year period (2016) and the time cycle. This only happens twice in a 19 year cycle and 2016 is the Roman calendar year ending this time cycle. This parallel/similarity—the same as in the 19 days used for Holy Day purposes— eight day periods for (festival purposes) does happen during the yearly Holy Day cycle, with two feasts in each. Each of these eight day periods end with a high or Holy Day, just as each of those eight year periods in 19 years ends with a leap year, causing the Holy Days to come latest in the year. This, once again, is brought about by the adding in of a 13th month (leap year) in these two eight year periods, with only one year between leap years, which makes this happen! Now considering all these things—that this happens over and over and over, with complete consistency—could this possibly just be coincidence or did the Great Creator God plan it out this way? Did the Jews get together and figure this all out and then devise a calendar that would just “happen” to have God’s Holy Day plan complete itself for one yearly cycle in the seventh month, and the third season of the year and only use 19 days having all these similarities to one 19 year time cycle? IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY that the Jews did this and could not have accounted for the calendar system being used by Abraham and before the flood!


REALLY NOW, what are the chances of the Jews, or anyone else (in the ancient of times and without modern technology—use of satellites and the Hubble telescope, etc.) for that matter, be able to do this (totally on their own and with the naked eye) having it all coincide so well with what God had already set in motion at creation? Clearly we can see a time order was created for how our part of the universe, how our galaxy functions! We must remember it was God who spoke to Moses in Exodus 12:2. That would mean that Moses would have had to sit down and figure all this out for himself, even if we ignore previous use of the same type calendar. It makes much more sense to believe that God revealed it to him, since God talked to him “face to face,” and it has been preserved and handed down to us today through consecutive scribes of the JEWS.

As was said in the first part of this article, God uses numbers and they have a specific purpose in His plan. We also read in Gen.1:14 –“and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years;”—Seasons, days and years all play a part in God’s Holy Day Plan, but the word seasons has the same meaning as the word Feasts in Lev.23:2,4! The number 19 is the length of a time cycle and amount of days used for the festivals in one year, 7 is the number for completion while 3 is the number God uses for finality! Isn’t it interesting that we find all three of these numbers being used in and to conclude both of these cycles?


There is always “more to the story” that might have been overlooked and then found later, but this should be convincing enough that all this is not coincidence, coming from a Great Master planner, our Creator God Himself! It should also prove beyond a doubt, that the calendar we now use—and H.W.A. was inspired to see—has to be the right one, an inspired one! When you leave out the 13th months causing the leap years (and even the occasional postponements) as some are now claiming must be done, nothing fits properly for any length of time. If this is not the right calendar that has been given to us by God through Moses and then later entrusted to the Jews, then God left all of His people down through the ages with only the works of men to calculate the Holy Days. It is the belief of this author that God revealed to Moses how to calculate these divinely “APPOINTED” times to obey His commands and a calendar to do so year after year. Once considering its many parallels—duality or similarities in the universe or our galaxy at least, it seems unlikely that man (or the Jews) put this together on their own! To see these parallels is one thing, (because God opens the mind through His Spirit) but to create them is totally another! Only God has the ability to do that. What an awesome plan God has set in motion for us all!


[Editorial note; this information was researched over for several years, put together piece by piece, then first written up in document form in 2004. It has been periodically updated since by the author, (a member of the true Church of God for about 40 years now) then converted to HTML for use on the internet. It has now been on two different web sites. Others in the COG have used this information or parts of it over the years and are welcome to do so, as long as the integrity of it is not compromised or distorted.]


The asterisks beside the time cycle year, in the calendar below, are to pinpoint the beginning and end of the duplicate eight year periods mentioned in the article. This calendar shows two years of the previous time cycle, the complete cycle we are now in, plus the first seven years of the next time cycle. As the Passover came late in 2005, explained in the article, 2016 will also come late and finish the present 19 year time cycle, as well. Biblical days begin with the evening first and the morning second, making one day.  (Gen1:5)  Therefore, as the sunsets on the previous evenings of the calendar dates given, the new day begins. The original Passover was killed at “twilight” or between the two evenings (just after sunset) by the heads of households, as Scripture explains. As soon as the sun was set, these “heads” of families (not the priests) quickly killed and prepared their lambs between sunset and dark. (Exo 12:3-6—NKJ, NAS & NIV)   It was at this precise time that Christ sent Peter and John to kill and prepare their last Passover lamb to eat with Christ, also in accordance with the scripture. (Luke 22:7-13) The true Church of God will continue the practice of keeping all of these Holy Days and annual festivals according to this calendar, until Christ returns. The calendar below gives what I feel is definite proof that the calendar we use for these days is in line with what God established from the beginning and has parallels and similarities with the 19 year time cycles that are visible and scientifically acknowledged by some, in the order of our planets in this galaxy.


This is a GOD GIVEN and sanctified calendar for the true COG to be using, no matter where they are congregating!  It is my opinion (Editor/author and founder) based on these facts that the Bible proves this was set in motion at creation. Man has meddled with it and gotten off from time to time on the sequence, where the leap years and postponements were placed. God guided HWA to settle on the one we use today, with dates given directly below. The fact that the planets basically line up and will be visible as such in 2016 (as has happened before) is another indication of this being on track with the ending of this time cycle and fits perfectly with the calendar below. Feel free to visit the many other writings on various subjects found on this website that the links within will take you to.



These are the ANNUAL FESTIVALS OF GOD & 19 year time cycles in the years they begin and end on the secular calendar; the (L) shows where the leap year was applied, extending that particular Holy Day cycle - (*) is for end & begin cycle, 8 year periods, etc. as explained above.



ROMAN       PASSOVER        FEAST OF      PENTECOST       FEAST OF           DAY OF                   FEAST OF                     Last, or               # of year in

YEAR                                             UNLB                                       TRUMPETS         ATONEMENT         TABERNACLES             Eighth DAY        19 year Cycle



1996               APRIL 3             APRIL 4-10          MAY 26              SEPT. 14               SEPT. 23              SEPT 28-OCT 4             OCT. 5                  18


1997               APRIL 21           APRIL 22-28       JUNE 15             OCT 2                   OCT 11                    OCT 16-22                    OCT. 23               *19 (L) [END]


1998               APRIL 10          APRIL 11-17        MAY 31              SEPT 21               SEPT 30                   OCT 5-11                      OCT. 12               *1


1999               MAR 31            APRIL 1-7             MAY 23              SEPT 11               SEPT 20                 SEPT 25-OCT 1              OCT. 2                   2


2000              APRIL 19          APRIL 20-26         JUNE 11            SEPT 30               OCT 9                      OCT 14-20                      OCT. 21                 3 (L)


2001             APRIL 7             APRIL 8-14            MAY 27             SEPT 18               SEPT 27                  OCT 2-8                           OCT. 9                  4


2002             MAR 27           MAR 28-APR-3        MAY 19             SEPT 7                 SEPT 16                 SEPT 21-27                     SEPT. 28               5


2003             APRIL 16          APRIL 17-23          JUNE 8              SEPT 27               OCT 6                     OCT 11-17                        OCT. 18                6 (L)


2004             APRIL 5            APRIL 6-12             MAY 30             SEPT 16              SEPT 25                 SEPT 30-OCT 6                OCT. 7                  7


2005            APRIL 23          APRIL 24-30           JUNE 12            OCT 4                  OCT 13                    OCT 18-24                        OCT 25                *8 (L)


2006            APRIL 12          APRIL 13-19           JUNE 4              SEPT 23              OCT 2                      OCT 7-13                           OCT. 14                9


2007            APRIL 2            APRIL 3-9                MAY 27             SEPT 13              SEPT 22                 SEPT 27-OCT 3                 OCT. 4                  10


2008            APRIL 19          APRIL 20-26           JUNE 8              SEPT 30               OCT 9                      OCT 14-20                        OCT. 21                11 (L)


2009            APRIL 8            APRIL 9-15             MAY 31             SEPT 19               SEPT 28                  OCT 3-9                             OCT. 10               *12


2010            MAR 29          MAR 30-APR 5          MAY 23             SEPT 9                 SEPT 18                  SEPT 23-29                       SEPT. 30              13


2011            APRIL 18          APRIL 19-25           JUNE 12            SEPT 29                OCT 8                       OCT 13-19                        OCT. 20              14 (L)


2012            APRIL 6           APRIL 7-13              MAY 27             SEPT 17               SEPT 26                    OCT 1-7                             OCT. 8                 15


2013            MAR 25           MAR 26-APR 1         MAY 19             SEPT 5                  SEPT 14                  SEPT 19-25                      SEPT. 26              16


2014            APRIL 14         APRIL 15-21           JUNE 8              SEPT 25                 OCT 4                      OCT 9-15                           OCT. 16                17 (L)


2015            APRIL 3          APRIL 4-10               MAY 24             SEPT 14                 SEPT 23                  SEPT 28-OCT 4                OCT. 5                  18


2016            APRIL 22        APRIL 23-29            JUNE 12            OCT 3                     OCT 12                    OCT 17-23                         OCT. 24              *19 (L) [END]


2017            APRIL 10        APRIL 11-17            JUNE 4             SEPT 21                 SEPT 30                    OCT 5-11                           OCT. 12              *1


2018            MAR 30           MAR 31- APR 6       MAY 20            SEPT 10                 SEPT 19                   SEPT 24-30                        OCT. 1                  2


2019            APRIL 19        APRIL 20-26             JUNE 9            SEPT 30                 OCT 9                       OCT 14-20                          OCT. 21               3 (L)


2020            APRIL 8          APRIL 9-15               MAY 31            SEPT. 19               SEPT. 28                   OCT. 3-9                              OCT. 10              4


2021            MAR 27          MAR 28-APR 3         MAY 16             SEPT. 7                SEPT. 16                  SEPT. 21-27                        SEPT. 28             5 


2022          APRIL 15          APRIL 16-22           JUNE 5              SEPT. 26               OCT. 5                      OCT.10-16                           OCT. 17               6 (L)


2023          APRIL 5            APRIL 6-12               MAY 28            SEPT. 16               SEPT. 25                 SEPT. 30-OCT. 6                 OCT. 7                  7



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