Human Interpretation


Greetings to all! This will be the first added commentary of 2019 on this page and since the recent change has been made.

In this new commentary, I want to follow up on the previous audio; Private Interpretations, just prior to this on the page. I used some examples in that recording (only three) but I am sure that if you have been around the COG any length of time, you know of many mistakes and possibly some harm these private interpretations have made in the past. A lot of people have fallen away after many years of being in the COG, because they could not get around some of the mistakes that were made in the past. Everyone is subject to human error from time to time that can affect others.

(And of course, there were many other reasons for those who fell away, such as the possibility of them never being converted in the first place—but that is another subject.)


Some private interpretations are innocent and some are not so innocent, as the past message indicates, recorded over two years ago. Let me also state, on the plus side of things; that some speculation has led to a greater understanding in some areas of the Bible, for those who will diligently study their Bibles and let the Holy Spirit lead (John 16:13) them to a better understanding. (2Tim.2:15 says; “Be diligent to present yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” Using the NKJV unless otherwise noted)

This has contributed to this short commentary and its title of “Human Interpretation” because we all (Bible students, I mean) seem prone to go on from speculation of certain subjects into privately interpreting them, if we are not careful.  (See the article Missing Keys for another example of how that can happen) This is a temptation that we in the COG must resist, and the inevitable results it can cause.


We all should know of the many doctrines that false religion has come up with, simply because they do not have the Holy Spirit to guide them. The many in our world are deceived because of this. (Matt.24:5) God does not give His Spirit to those who do not strive to obey the will of God. (Acts 5:32) Therefore, men have come up with all sorts of their own ideas that have eventually become some doctrine that leads others astray. Even translators fall prey to this sometimes and misinterpret Scripture. These misinterpreted places can also cause doctrines to be formed. One well known example of this is the passage in Acts 12:4. The KJV uses the word “Easter” instead of the proper use of “Passover”. (NKJ) We should all know (those who study and are Committed to Truth”) what pagan doctrine this has contributed to! This is a classic example of “translator/human interpretation”.


Some in times past (Philadelphia) and still today, in the COG of Laodicea only want to obey what they want and do move off the straight and narrow path with their own interpretations that have come from certain speculation of some passage. Take for example; those today who have speculated Christ used the first half of the Seventy Weeks prophecy for His ministry. That comes from a human interpretation because nowhere in the Bible does it point us to that. In fact, thorough study steers us away from this conclusion.

There are also many people today that buy into the theory (human interpretation) of the earth only being here approximately 6,000 years and that the dinosaurs must have existed alongside man, simply because of the abundance of evidence they have been here on earth at some point.  Along with that comes the idea that Gen.1: verse 1 and 2 are just part of the same event or space of time; not being perhaps millions of years apart, according to what a thorough study of the Bible reveals.


Then there is the theory or speculation, which leads to human interpretation, even among some of the ministry in the COG, that there was no rain until after the flood!

This comes from one passage of Scripture (Gen.2:5&6) that men seems to fail to study out. (See Cycle of Rain recording on this page for more) Another speculation that became a human interpretation affecting the majority of the COG even today is the claim that God only has a 7,000 year plan for man, but it is easy to see the plan goes on past the 7,000 year mark with a little study. (See the booklet Eighth Day for more on that.)


So as you can see my friends, random speculation on the Bible and its many subjects, without diligent study, can turn into human interpretation that can then lead to false doctrine, an assumption of truth leading others astray. That is why we need to guard against the lazy or lukewarm approach that is so prevalent is this era of Laodicea. Any true Christian will need to develop and then maintain zeal for God, (Rev.3:19) His ways and truth; what the Scriptures reveal, (Prov.3:5) while rejecting any human interpretation that can go so wrong in a world under the influence of Satan. (2Cor.4:4 & Rev.12:9)

This is commentary from the editor for TCOGMSO.


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