HWA era & invisible walls of Laodicea


The newly elected president of the USA in 2016 spoke of building a wall on the Mexican border, separating occupants of Mexico from entering the USA illegally. People all around the world build various types of walls; some for protection and to keep foreign people, especially enemies out and others were designed to keep people that would like to get out, in. The berlin wall was a wall built to separate one country, Germany, into two countries which was called East and West Germany, with its separating wall. There is some history to that, which I will not get into the details of, except to say that there was a prophet of God (Amos.3:7) named HWA who prophesied the wall would come down, as it was being built. He determined this because of prophecy in the Bible that was yet to be fulfilled, which required these people to be united for the fulfilment. Even though HWA died on this day in Jan. of 1986 and did not see this come to pass; it did begin to come to pass a few years after his death, to make his prophecy come to pass. These people are united today as one country that is getting stronger as time passes. They are the heart of the EU today.


Some walls are simply designed to designate the boundaries of their own territory and some other boundaries are there but remain invisible. People on a personal level, may build walls on their property boundaries and these are called “privacy fences” within many cities here in the USA. Even with the absence of the physically seen and built walls, there are also the invisible walls of separation among many people. These can be based on many different things, but one of them is religious beliefs. This has now become apparent in the COG realm of organizations and is affecting them as well. These same type of walls of separation were existent in the time of Christ among some of the Jewish sects of the day.


There is a lot more dealing with these invisible boundaries & walls that could be gone into, but the purpose of this article is to bring to our attention the invisible wall of separation from two different ways of life. These are found in the bible (Gen.2:17 & Deut.30:15) and true NT converts are told to come out of and be separate from the ways of this world. We were hearing yesterday and again today, on some news programs about Martin Luther King and the day designated as a government recognized holy day on his behalf. This is on our calendars to remind us of it and this has been for many years, to me at least, very interesting that this religious man could bring about a movement based on some of his religious beliefs, be acknowledge for those and receive the recognition for some of his messages; like the well-known “I have a dream” message of 55years ago. He had no idea of, or at least did not teach of it; the real plan of God expressed in the true Gospel for all of mankind and that is not just a dream, as it will soon become a reality.


Very few people ever acknowledge the “dreams” or visions of God revealed to His true servants. There are still invisible Spiritual walls of separation in this country and around the world, when it comes to the work of a true prophet of God and the true COG. That man who is now in his rest and men like him today get very little recognition and HE was soon forgotten by most after his death. Although I do recall that the President of the USA at the time of his death, Ronald Regan, did acknowledge his death and sent condolences to the COG, which was reported in the WW-news that, going out to the members of the WCG. For Martin Luther however, the walls of separation, that is the segregation of blacks and whites, that was going on in the USA was attempting to be torn down. We as a nation in general have not been all that successful in tearing down that wall, as there is still a lot of racism in this country to be overcome.


There are still many invisible yet real bearers on that front, which is very obvious to the many. At the same time, some who were beginning to learn of the true and real separation there is to be from the world and its false Christianity, have now grown dull of hearing (Heb.5:12-14—Rev.3:14-21) and some have even begun to blend the false with the true. This can and does confuse once again the invisible wall of true separation that was established by Christ and restored through HWA, the truths he learned from his study of the Bible. Those truths he shared with any who thirsted after that truth; preaching them as a witness to the world. However the Bible is clear; that wall should remain up and become even more reinforced as we draw closer to the return of Christ. It separates true Christians from the false and the Bible tells us to be separate. Note these passages in your Bible; 2 Cor. 6:17 (ASV) “Wherefore Come ye out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, And touch no unclean thing; And I will receive you,” --.This passage was for the entire COG body for all time. It is repeated for us during the last days and right before the return of Christ; Rev 18:4 “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come forth, my people, out of her, (The present Babylonian system of false religion and doctrines) that ye have no fellowship with her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues:” (ASV)


The false religions of the day are many and all follow a basic way of living, which goes contrary to the Laws and ways of God which are found in the Bible. They have their many differences in doctrine but most live and teach that the laws of God are done away. They keep the first day of the week instead of the commanded 7th day, totally opposites. (See Fourth Commandment) Those who came to be learning truth of the Bible in the 20th century were mostly in one COG organization—the Worldwide church of God and under the leadership of HWA. However, a little while before his death, liberalism set in to that organization which HWA fought against, creating division among various men seeking to have control after HWA died. The man who was put in the top leadership position by HWA, soon was clearly seen by some as a reprobate and began to change everything, being an apostate leader. He ignored what had been put in place by God through HWA—except the authority from the top down, which he held fast to, in order to push his agenda. This began to create an invisible wall between certain evangelists and of the ministry and members; they began to splinter and devise their own organizations and governments—some clearly patterned after the way of the world and the voting system. It became very clear that the COG at that time was not really united at all and Christ’s new commandment was not being adhered to. (John 13:34-35) There were invisible walls of division going up in the COG, as the HWA era (Philadelphia) was finishing up—moving on into Laodicea.


Today we find ourselves all divided up and there are many organizations and independent groups who claim to be the COG, however setting their own doctrines in some cases. This is Laodicea. When the Scriptures are closely examined, anyone who is truly led by the Spirit of God (1Cor.2:9-14) can see there are problems everywhere and no organization is on the right track of truth and doctrine as was the COG under HWA. Even though HWA also made some human mistakes in his time, he corrected the ones he could clearly see were mistakes. Some of those mistakes were not seen by him and are still creating a wall of division for some and aids in certain deceptive teachings (See current Gospel messages on this web site) among those who are clinging tightly  to what was established through him. Some ministers in these groups however, have gone into such lukewarm-ness and compromise that they cannot even determine the difference between true and false Christianity, which is easily found in the Bible! They tend to want to blend them together as if they were one, instead of making a clear distinction between the two and showing the true history of them both. They are trying it seems, to tear down that dividing wall that God says should be there and history records has always been there. The Church Jesus Christ built has never been plagued with the paganism’s of this world, and any true and zealous Christian knows that.

(See article Christianity or “Christianity” and Gospel series on “How easily are you deceived” for more, found in the Gospel archives)


The HWA era of the COG has come and gone, being over for 32 years now. We are and have been in the Laodicean era for all this time and during this time frame, many invisible walls of separation have been built, showing it is no longer the Philadelphian era. It is time for the true COG, the real spiritual organism, to clearly emerge once again and work on getting the Fathers business done so that Christ can return to this earth and establish His kingdom, as has been prophesied by the faithful and zealous! Even the truth of the Gospel has now come into question as to whether it is being preached. This can only be done by those who do not fear to stand up for the truth—(Jude 3)—and it is only the called, chosen and the faithful that will stand with Christ when He appears. (Rev.17:14)


                                        (Written by the editor for TCOGMSO)


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