Getting back on track!


Most people today think they know where they are going and how to get there. With physical travel and all the technology today, GPS and OnStar, google maps and smart phones, why shouldn’t they? But even with all of that, is it possible to set a course for where you are wanting to go, being determined to get there as quickly as possible but then you take a wrong turn or road somewhere along the way without knowing immediately that it is wrong? Yes it is and most people know this, especially if we are traveling in unfamiliar territory—some places we have never been before and some of the roads have recently changed! Are we now lost, may be the question to come into mind. What about our spiritual journey and all the deceptions put in place by the devil? Can we find and then stay on that narrow path? When we (Who are called into the true COG and after conversion) come to the point we know we are off track, then it is time to figure out where we went wrong or are going wrong, correct our course relying on the Word of God and get back on track! This has happened many times with many people. (See Are you Lost for more on this subject.)


In our spiritual walk, we can get off track if we are not very careful, especially in this era of Laodicea. We need to be getting back on track!! We have to put our focus on God’s Word and stay away from those who tend to be deceptive but think they are portraying truth. Herbert Armstrong began to run into this back in the early 1970’s, as he was trying to lead the COG and take the gospel around the world. He made some mistakes of his own and also by appointing certain leaders, which eventually led to those others making even more mistakes on top of his mistakes. As time went on, the whole church began getting off track and into liberalism. Mr. Armstrong wrote the church about this himself, in the early 1980’s and I have kept those letters. (This is just a short synopsis of the reality of several years, without all the details included; for the sake of this short article. Most “old-timers” know these things anyway.) Toward the end of the 70’s and on into the early 80’s, Mr. H Armstrong found himself trying to get the church back on course and called it “Getting back on track”, which is the title of this brief article. (It seems we are still not there yet) For those that got caught up in the willingness to water down the approach to several points of truth and right understanding was and still is astonishing –to say the least! As a result of those turbulent times however, the era of Laodicea was coming into being. Soon after the death of HWA, it came on full force and many thousands of people were led completely astray, when the congregations of the WCG went into apostasy, by1995. Since then, many organizations have sprung up and the COG is very scattered, with few staying solidly on track.

(Roderick Meredith (now deceased) was the first to continue on with the true Gospel—starting GCG in the early 90’s, while many stayed with WCG until after 1995, and even after they split off—the Gospel was not being preached, which caused other splits) Many wanted to hold fast to what truth they thought they were sure of—but forming their own organizations, not wanting to be under the authority of Mr. Meredith or others — thus getting off track to a certain degree on government as well in other areas and still not preaching the Gospel. Many other organizations formed, continuing to scatter the flock and of those organizations; they may be deceiving some of their followers on one point or another, even today. With these splits things went further off track. Does this sound like Philadelphia and unity? Lukewarm-ness and compromise of some sort, as well as some false doctrines is the result in basically all groups that claim the name COG today. Will the COG groups be getting back on track before Christ returns?


(Listen the audio titled Church of Godon the commentary page for more on what is the church, which is what HWA taught early on and in the old radio broadcasts.) These things can be proven, when there is a mindset to do it with honesty. We are now 30 years into Laodicea and some are just too blind to see it. (A pre-Passover (2019) commentary titled Are you BLIND is dealing with some of this.)


Of course by now, the fall of 2019 and the Feast of Trumpets already passed, the COG is still much smaller (as for numbers) than back in the early 1990’s, as well as being very scattered today. Laodicea has been here and growing for at least three decades, as I just stated. However, many still think they are in the Philadelphia era and some think the last two eras are going along side by side, in their minds! That by itself shows that the many are now slumbering and adrift (Heb.2:1) or asleep, as for the times we are living in, thinking back to what HWA was seeing in his early days! With that thought in mind brings on another, from scripture—the lack of love for all the brethren among the brethren is also now very apparent, stemming from various leaders and their claims. (John13:34-35) Many want to exclude other long-time brethren simply because they are not in “their” group or may have disagreed with certain points of falsely presented doctrine! (If they are way off track from truth, then that is understandable to separate from them—but all are not—and many go to different places as they continue to serve God and strive to obey Him in what they understand.)

IF various organizations are teaching solid truth, and right doctrines; why hide it from others who might want to learn, unless they just do not want to submit to someone else as leaders? We should all be wanting to learn from scripture by those looking for and teaching truth. Christ welcomed all who wanted to learn from Him and had thousands of followers until close to the end of His ministry. Didn’t He let God the Father sort out who was not genuine, even after He was crucified and built the COG, even to now? (2Tim.2:15-19)


Unless awakened from slumber, and becoming repentant and zealous (Rev.3:19) half of those living today and who are in a COG group somewhere, will be shut out of the wedding ceremony—first resurrection, (Matt.25:1-13) or at least will have to go through the tribulation and possibly be martyred to inherit salvation in the first resurrection! Those still slumbering very well may be caught off guard, thinking they are doing just fine—(Rev.3:17) and this applies to me as well as any of you, if we do not stay on track with what GODS WORD reveals, along with us being LED by the Holy Spirit into all truth! (See Why do we need the Holy Spirit for more on this subject.) It will guide us to the truth if we are willing to follow. (John16:13)


There are many more things that needs to be said and that are not being said by many leaders, for the whole but scattered COG body. Each group just seems to love their own, with few exceptions—forgetting what Christ said about that. Notice it; John 15:19 “If you were of the world, the world would love its own.” (NKJV) What a shame that the COG in many groups has now descended into acting like the world acts! Doesn’t the COG deserve a strong leader (server of the people) to bring them back together—get them all back on track and in unity—focused on the Kingdom (Matt.6:33) and working out their own salvation? I think it does, but where is he and will there be one to come before Christ returns?


Well, I am sad to say that I have to quit trying to help scattered individuals with the confusions in the COG groups of our time. As this web-site begins to shut down, (Because of my stroke and my health is going downhill, plus I cannot keep up anymore, as for the typing) please remember to stay in tune with the truths of the Scriptures, because a time of deception is coming like never before; for those alive today! Be sure to keep the commandments and Holy Days, plus being diligent about getting the Gospel out to the world while able—for those who can and are willing. Look around and choose wisely about the majority of truth and where it is coming from; who is still willing to put great effort into proclaiming it! The times will surly come when the work of God will not be allowed, and the COG will have to flee! We cannot be slumbering at that time! Matt.24:45 & 46

(Along with this article, I am including an older audio titled Slumbering and Adrift that you might want to hear and think about as well. Just click this link.)


This is the editor for TCOGMSO.COM saying goodbye and may God bless your efforts to stay awake spiritually, with your lights burning bright as the world continues to darken! Put forth the effort to keep yourselves on track with truth as we wait for Christ’s return!


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