These are  “Truth of the GOSPEL” audio

                                      programs of TCOGMSO.COM. The Gospel was commissioned

                                         by Christ to be proclaimed by the true COG, revealed in the

                                         truth of Scripture. This is a personal member web site,

                                         which talks about that truth, so feel free to listen in on each

                                         program as it is added.   John 17:17 “all thy word is truth”.

                                                 Matt. 24:14 “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as

                                                  a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”          



                               (Normal Bible translation used (unless noted otherwise) is the NKJ, Thomas Nelson publishers, Inc. © 1982, from Pc study bible, V3)


All audio messages are mp3 quality and can be listened to online if you have a high speed connection. If not, then download is the next best thing. This page is reviewed periodically and some messages are dropped off and replaced with others. Newest message is first and at the top of the page. (In the case of some series, they may be posted together, but at separate links for listening successively.) Messages are normally 15-18 minutes. 






            The current pre-recorded message is titled Salvation”. How many in our professing “Christian” world really understand salvation, as it is taught from the Bible? (17:38 min—posted 7/14/19)

            This message is titled Oneness of God (18:07—posted 7/7/19) to go along with The Gospel & oneness of God”. (Posted 7/4/19—15:34 min.) This is a two part series that starts off with both these aspects of the Gospel and ends with Oneness of God.           

            This message is titledChristianity & the Gospelshowing what the mind of a true Christian should be on. (17:24 min. and re-posted on 6/20/19)

            This message is titled Christ the refiner and gives an explanation of how that begins for a true Christian!  (16:02 min., posted on 6/11/19)

            This message is titled “Heart of a First fruitand gives the information on true conversion from the Bible. (16:32 min.—posted on 5/29/19)

            This message is titledBegotten or born again”. Where do you stand? This message was originally posted in May of 2016, 17:03 min; being reposted 5/21/19.

            This series is titled; Captivity of Satan, now with Pt.3 and the final in this series. (Posted 5/12/19—over 19 min)  Pt.2 was, Posted 5/2/19—(16:00 min) which continues on from Captivity of Satan”, being posted 4/28/19—16:42. The whole world is in captivity to Satan and his evil influence and must be made free, soon after Christ returns.

            This message is titledSlavery of Sinwhich is a message we should all think about during these days of unleavened bread. Who is a slave to sin? (Posted 4/20/19—16:27 min.)

            This message is titled “Unseen Spirit” which is affecting the majority of the whole world. How about you? Satan the devil—who is that unseen spirit—hates those who love the truth of the Bible and will strive to obey God. This is an older message of 16:02 min. being re-posted (4/16/19) just prior to Passover.

            This message is titled The Real Jesusand is 16:56 min. in length. Listening to these past three programs can give you a better sense of truth about the true Messiah. (Posted 4/7/19)

            This message is titled Another Jesus”, bringing out more of how false is the Christianity of our day is. Have you been fooled? Which Jesus do you serve? (16:02 min. in length, posted 4/1/19)

            This message is titled “Lord of the Sabbath” given in early 2016 and is being reposted in 3/25/19. Which “Sabbath” do you keep on a weekly basis? (15:50 min. in length)

            The series on Belief and unbelief from one year ago is now being reposted, both Pt.1 (16:54 min) and Pt.2 (17:22) are available. (Reposted on 3/12/19)

            This program is titled Christ our Passover and asks, is Christ your Passover? It deals with the timing of the NT Passover, revealing a different Jesus, Gospel and spirit for the keeping of Easter, which is a pagan celebration, not true Christian at all. (16:42 min & being posted on 3/5/19)            

            This program is titled The Gospel; a long range message from May of 2017 and has been added on the afternoon of 2/22/19. (13:45 min.)

            This program is titled Truth of the Gospel taken from 2016 archives. It is 16:45 min. and is being posted again on 2/17/19.

            This program is titled Jesus the Savior”, helping all who will accept this truth to better understand how great our God is! (16:00 min. & posted 2/08/19)

            This program is titled Repentance, belief, faith & action”. Can you have salvation without these four spiritual essentials? (14:45 Min & posted 1/25/19)

            This program is titled Laodicea & the Gospel and is another reminder of wat has been given here, in previous years, as a witness. (reposted 1/17/19)

            This program is titled “Forgotten Prophecy” and come from mid-2016. Do we remember? This is still relevant today, reposted on 1/8/19.

            This program is titled Bible Prophecy”. (Over two years old) A reminder of past programs, yet to happen in the future. (posted again on 12/30/18)

            This program is an old one, being re-run. It is titled Born for a purposeas a reminder of why we (humanity) are here. (17:55 min—re-posted on evening of 12/22/18)







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