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                                                                             Welcome to COG oriented Commentary for TCOGMSO.COM!



                                                             This picture theme is of the 1,000 year reign on earth, under Christ and the saints. (See also Isa.65:25)    




                                                                                              “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb,--- And a little child shall lead them.”






            This page has now been changed to the editor’s commentary. It will have in the future, written commentary; plus randomly chosen older “mini bite” audios;

           short recordings on biblical subjects. Other lengthy messages are also held over, in the categories noted beside the title links. For any series, be sure to go to the

           first message, (or Pt.1) in order to get the full benefit. This page is true COG body oriented, but still simply based on Scriptural revelation and Bible wording,

           so that all who choose to listen can benefit.






            The new Editors Commentary is titled Christmas Lies and was moved from articles, being a commentary anyway. It has been re-edited and re-posted for 2019 (11/10/19) now having more content.

            This editor’s commentary is titled “something to think about” dealing with the judgment period. (Posted 10/25/2019)

            This commentary is titled Apostles of today”, with a link to a compatible and older message within.  (Posted on 9/16/19)

            This commentary is titled The Sabbath and is a reminder of its importance. Do some even know when it is? (Posted on 8/25/19)

            This message is titled Children of the Prophets”. Are our children any different from the children of old? (Posted on 8/14/19)

            This message is titled Holding Fast”, focused on the world and the true COG, where we are today.   (Posted 8/1/19)      

                      Another older “mini bite” has now been posted, with the title Church of God” (re-posted 7/14/19—5:46 min.)

            The new commentary is titled Choices”. How do we make right choices even when everything around us is going the wrong way? It is possible! (Posted 6/30/19)

            This message is titledFirst fruits”. (Posted 6/10/19) Do the COG groups all teach the same thing on this subject? What does the Bible say about them?

            An older Audio “mini biteconcerning the wordPractice” (Title) has been placed here for review. (Originally posted in 2016—7:06 min in length—re-posted 5/20/19)

                       This commentary message is titledNo middle ground”? asking this particular question and giving an answer. (Posted 4/28/19) A short audio accompanies this commentary.

            This audio commentary is titled “Christianityfrom 2015. (5:12 min.—re-posted 3/20/19) Compare with the audios below on, “Why do we need the Holy Spirit” and “True Christianity” for more in this theme.

            This commentary is titled “Are you BLIND”? and is designed to help us think about various things to examine ourselves on as Passover approaches. (Posted 3/11/19)

            This commentary is titledHuman Interpretationis the first added for 2019. This continues to affect even the COG in properly understanding some passages of Scripture!

            This commentary is titled Private interpretations. How many today would be shocked to know this is being done by their own leaders? ( approx..11 minutes—posted 1/19/2017)

            This commentary is titled “Remembering the good” has now been posted; (a little over 5 Min.) negativity can do great damage to the mind.

            This commentary is titled “True Christianity”, now placed on this page as of 3/02/18. This is the written transcript, with an added link to LISTEN. (12:18 in length)

            This commentary is titled “Biblical last days”? Is what we are now seeing the prelude to the great tribulation? (5:00 min. in length)

            This commentary is titledViolence in the land”.  (less than 5 min.)


            MINI BITE Audio titledAccepting or Rejecting. What choices do you make on a daily basis, and where do they lead? (6:14 min. posted 11/03/2017)

                        This audio is titled Why do we need the Holy Spirit?. This short message is a biblical start to the answer from Scripture.  (5:39 min. posted 10/28/18)

            This audio is titled Ezekiel’s Warning”.  (6:00 min. posted 7/24/18)

            This audio is titled “Cycle of Rain” and is about 6:00 min. (12/27/2015)


            These audios are titled Spiritual Organism (Pt.2) (6:30 min.-posted 5/25/18) as a continuation of Spiritual Organism(Pt.1- 6:20 min.-posted 4/28/18) which were both designed to explain a little more about the Body of Christ as the true COG, being a Spiritual Organism.


            This audio is titled Passover Heresy and explains why there should be no reoccurring controversy of the timing for Passover every year. (6:07 min. posted 4/05/17)


                                                                     Older messages reserved      

            Sermonette— has the title of Hold fast to Truth”. Can Satan cleverly deceive COG members by planting twisted views of the Gospel in their minds? (13:47 min. posted 10/30/2016) You may be surprised when you really listen closely to what is being said!

            SermontitledErrors & false Doctrines” now posted, (3/8/16—approx. 43 min.—posted 3/08/2016)  This was a special message at the time, revealing many facts of Scripture about Passover & Days of UNLB, debunking the many false teachings of some, even in some COG organizations and groups.  

            Split sermon transcript titled Embryonic Kingdom, is updated from an old article of several years, by the same title. (36:20 min. in length posted 5/26/18)

            Split sermonThis is titled3rd Resurrection. It mentions all three resurrections but focuses more on the passages that reveal a 3rd one. (posted 8/11/2015)





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