Christmas Lies


Greeting Friends!

Do you love your children? OF course you do! Some of you may be shocked at what you are about to read, especially at this time of year. The religious authorities today do not want you to know the truth. Many of them are deceived, but most are agents of Satan, plain-and-simple because they know the truth about Christmas and where it came from! Yet, every year they talk about the same lies and millions of little children are being deceived. YES! There IS something wrong and it is about salvation.


The editor’s comment will get right to the point!


My regular readers  and the COG will know this truth. Nowhere in scripture does it say that anyone should be worshipped on their birthday, not EVEN Christ! In the bible, only pagan kings kept their birthdays. Did you know that? Christmas the world over is a well-known tradition of false-christianity. As surprising as that is, it is true. God did not even make it known when Christ was born!  Christmas was a pagan tradition, stemming from several names and legends that sprang up shortly after the flood. These stories are found in the bible, about ancient customs, but only if you study for them; they have come down to us today through paganism & false-christianity.


These things were never meant for GOD’S people or humanity to keep, and were perpetrated to cause people to disobey God instead; cleverly influenced by Satan the devil. (2 Cor.4:4) We all need to remember what Christ said about Satan; John 8:44 --

“He (Satan) was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.”  NKJV That includes everything about Christmas, as I said in the last Biblical Truth & Gospel message.


The lie that Christ was born on Dec.25 came long after the true Christian era was started. None of the original apostles and true Christians, even today, believes these lies. You do not need to either.

Think about all the lies that are being told, all over the world. There is no nativity scene in winter, no three wise men at the manger, Christ was not in a manger when they came and so on; read Matt.2: and pay attention to details. Luke 2:5-12 shows it was shepherd’s that found Him in the manger, not wise men. All lies, and there is the lie of Santa clause; even more lies! Not one thing about this is truth either. Satan has twisted this all around; this time is all about Satan, not Christ! You will not gain salvation by keeping Christmas but you will be keeping the mark of the beast, which will get you destroyed! That is what the devil and his religions want.


THINK ABOUT IT! There is not truth in Christmas so why keep it?

 (See “Plain truth about Christmas” for more)


                                            (the editor for TCOGMSO)