Warm greetings brethren! In this short commentary, I want to talk about “Choices” that are based on the biblical direction and as you can see, that is the title. (Please look up the Scriptures given here in your own Bible)

Let us think about this for a moment; in this last generation before the return of Christ and with technology that we now have, this fast-pace world we are living in keeps getting faster it seems, in a lot of areas. We must make the choice to slow down and let God lead us to and through his H. Spirit into right choices. We all make mistakes along the way and have to correct our steps accordingly, but to reject Godly knowledge and good sound biblical advice is to reject God and His way, which we do not want to do—therefore we are all needing to make the right choices.


We have to make choices in everything we do and, thankfully God created us with having this freedom of choice. That was something that was “built” in when the first humans were created. Somethings are small, in the decisions and choices we make, and can be changed over time with little consequence; but almost always we find ourselves making choices minute by minute and some of those split second choices we make can alter our lives completely! Looking back at the beginning, we see this has happened with the whole human race and altered their course, (Gen.3:1-7) letting the god of this world, Satan the devil, (2Cor.4:3-4 & Eph.2:2) take us all into captivity. (2Tim.2:26) Then God must call us out of this world!


Most Bible students know that God had given mankind a choice (even as the angels) of which way to go that would be good for them, (Gen.2:16-17) but they were not forced to make that choice. God told them the consequences of the wrong choice, but they made it anyway, under the clever and subtle influence of Satan the devil. (See the article The Two Treesfor more on that subject)

God gave the same choice to Israel; (Duet.30:15-20) but they also made the wrong choice and suffered for it. This went on for years and they are STILL suffering for it because they lost their way—but the whole world also suffers from the wrong choices that each individual makes in everyday life—no matter where you are. That has brought us to the point of no return—we are heading for destruction, as prophesied—but God already knew this when mankind was created; if they made the wrong choice and yielded to Satan, where it would lead! God wants us to understand that we are to follow God and His way, no matter what! Of course, in our world today, this is now a learning process for those who are called out of the world and want to go God’s way. Their choices are altered when they accept God’s calling; they repent by turning away from the world and its ways. (Acts 2:38 & 39) We cannot expect God to be with us, if we do not let Him lead. Sometimes we find out the hard way that God has been left out of the picture in some of our choices.

(See Alternate Reality for more on this issue)


That brings me back to my title and the intent of this commentary. We have come nearly 6,000 years past creation (No one knows exactly where we are in time) but we certainly seem to be in the last generation. It is possible that Christ will set up His kingdom on earth BEFORE 2035, which is only a little over 15 years from now! Our choice and course better be set before that time gets here, if we want to be a first fruit! (Rev.19:7) A lot of things can happen in a very short time, and are prophesied yet to come! Are we thinking about our choices and where they are leading us! Even the little day to day choices matter. Finding a Job that does not interfere with the Sabbath and Holy Days, going to work every day, keeping your job, being kind and at peace— never think about divorcing your mate in selfishness—developing the fruits of the Spirit, (Gal. 5:22) doing whatever your job or role is, the best you can.  Other things like thinking about where you will live and what you will wear, etc. are all just normal and physical choices we must make all the time. However, if you are relying on God to help you—you have to be willing to help yourself by making the right and sound choices according to the way the Bible tells us to live! We must work on being responsible individuals. (Matt.6:33 should be a top priority in the Christians mind.)


This comes right back down to those little choices each individual makes every day and multiple times a day! They may seem insignificant at the time, of little importance; but can later turn into a catastrophe—depending on the situation! God has to be first in our thoughts every day and come back in them multiple times a day; His Spirit will lead us in the right direction, if we let it. If we fail to let the Spirit lead, we will falter and things will get off course!

Satan will jump on anything that can cause us grief and throw our plans and everyday duties into chaos. He can even influence us to make certain wrong decisions that seem right at the time. He is an evil spirit, God’s enemy and wants to keep us out of God’s Family by our own choices; he does this all the time! Making rash decisions, especially while in anger will 90% of the time led to another rash choice that we will regret later. Most people never think about this until it is too late to make a different choice and then they suffer for what they have already done. A person can make good choices in most things and yet have it all come to nothing with one bad one, if God is not with you. Little things matter, especially if you are trying to do the right things and make the right choices in life. Satan is most anxious to take our good intentions and make them go awry. This is especially true with those who are only now trying to get their lives in order with God—but are still leaving Him out of most of their choices & decisions. This is an open-door that Satan will go through if he is not blocked.

So brethren, there is obviously more that could be said, but this applies to us all in the COG of Laodicea, this era of time. Remember that it is up to us individually to set our minds to rely first on God and through prayer and study of His word, have Him guide us in our choices—all of them as much as is possible!


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