Children of the prophets


    With this new & short commentary, the idea is to examine how the children of the priests and prophets conducted themselves and see what we can learn from it. Did they follow the examples of a teacher of godly ways, (which the ultimate teacher is God Himself—John 6:45) or did they rather choose for themselves to go after the way of the world and their own ideas? It is not that hard to see really, when you actually look into the Word of God, which is what we will do in this commentary. This should help us better understand why our own children in the COG do the things they do. Will the Sabbath, Holy Days and Commandment of God be the things they also choose, or will it be something else?


It seems to be a normal tendency to go the wrong way with all of us, and this is understandable, with the god of this world being Satan the devil. (2Cor.4:4 & Rev.12:9) We know that from the very beginning however, the clever devil deceived Eve and then Adam went astray also. The first born son to Adam as we know it, was a murderer who killed his brother (who was considered righteous—Heb.11:4) because he himself gave in to a wrong spirit & attitude, became angry and jealous, (Gen.4:4-6) which was brought on by his own failings. God mercifully told him to “rule over sin” but he did not listen and let anger/sin rule over him. This is the final conclusion that basically all humanity has let happen, even to this very day, as all have sinned. (Rom.3:23) It is a choice that is to be made (See Choices for more on this subject.) by every individual. Ephesians tell us this; Eph. 2:3 “among whom also we all once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, just as the others.” (NKJV throughout, unless otherwise noted.)

However, you would think that the priests & prophets own children would have been taught the way of God and they would follow in the footstep of their fathers. We see that some of the ministers/members have grown children who do this today—but not all—even in the COG, members and ministry alike simply because the children have their own mind set as those in ancient times did.


Let us examine what we can find in some of the scriptures on this, for a moment. Noah was said to be righteous but nothing indicated all three of his son were. In fact we see the opposite. Remember Nadab and Abihu, Aaron’s sons whom God smote because they offered strange fire—(Lev.10:1-3—Num. 3:4) and obviously were not paying close enough attention to the commands of God. In 1 Sam.2:12 we see that the sons of Eli the priest were also corrupt and did not follow in a Godly way. Scripture says they did not know the Lord. Eli reprimanded them but they did not listen. They, even Eli all died in close proximity. (1Sam.4)


Samuel was a prophet dedicated to follow the Lord all his life, but apparently even his sons did not follow their father’s example. 1 Sam 8:3 tells us; “But his sons did not walk in his ways; they turned aside after dishonest gain, took bribes, and perverted justice.” We see this with many men of the Bible. Ancient Israel did not follow God under Moses. After Joshua there were Judges left ruling Israel. The book of Judges shows us that those who were loyal did and the next generation did not. King David had one of his sons try to take the kingship away from him, but was killed in the process. David grieved over the loss of his son, even after Absalom had done this evil deed—but why does this sort of thing happen, as we see so many examples of in scripture? These things can help to teach us and our children, if we let them.


It really does not matter if one is a son of a prophet/minister of God or not, we each have to be responsible for our own actions after a certain age, as the New Testament shows us. We as parents do not have all the right answers and do make our own mistakes along the way, having to repent and overcome. Our children, when growing up may see all of the mistakes we make but never recognize the private repentance. The truth is, we all have free moral agency, or freedom of Choice and have to become mature enough to make proper decision on our own. Even after knowing and coming to grasp the truth, which we will then be judged by, especially in the house of God, (1Pet.4:17) we are then held responsible to act on the truth we have learned. However, Satan the devil will get into the mind whenever possible, even after conversion and try to steer us away from God, even just a little bit and put wrong ideas in our minds, to make us miss the mark. (I know from my own experiences of mistakes and repentance—see Missing the Mark for more on this subject.)


We can try to submit to God and be workable in His hands, being led by the Holy Spirit and growing spiritually or we can be reluctant to follow all the ways of God, go our own way and perish. The old saying “you cannot help someone who does not want any help” is very true. Oh, our children will all want help to get out of a jam of some kind that they may have gotten themselves into—but once the pressure is off, 9 times out of 10 they will go back to doing things their own way and forget they ever needed any help. (Failing to learn any lessons) Unless one becomes committed to go Gods way, is willing to learn from every source, from parents and in the Bible even in hard times, to go the right way and resist Satan’s influence—he/she will be pulled to go the wrong way, until Satan is removed. That is the age we are living in and Christ will have to return and bind Satan. (Rev.20:1-3) Today, we all must come to the point of being committed to truth and follow it to the best of our ability.


None of us today are perfect and always set the perfect example, even when we intend to! “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” as the saying goes. But we just have to set ourselves to learn from God and want to go the right way in order to ever put the devil out. The Holy Days of God help to teach us about the steps in God’s plan and where they will lead, while the weekly Sabbath can remind us of the various ways of God that we can instill in our lives. Even the children of the prophets/members of God’s Church, once grown are not exempt from Satan and his “devices”. No one “rides into the Kingdom of God” on the coat-tails of someone else. We are to all be tested and must reject the devil and his ways completely—instead seeking God’s Kingdom first, along with His righteousness, and the things we need will then be added to us, (Matt.6:33-34) as Christ said. We must however make sound decisions and look to God for guidance in those decisions, working out our own salvation with fear and trembling in this life!


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