Brexit vote Prophecy

Is the controversial “Brexit Vote" of June 23rd, 2016 really a play into end time prophetic events?

It is certainly going to play into the future events as this world descends into a more Chaotic place to live, wherever you may reside, as previously stated elsewhere on this website.  That is already beginning to happen here within the USA, when considering the recent atrocities of human hatred and violence that has rapidly begun to grow in this country! (The terrorist shootings in California by a man and his wife; the mass murder in the HOMOSEXUAL club/bar in Florida by one self-radicalized individual and now the sniper targeted police shootings in Texas, just to name a few recent ones, along with rioting and protest marches; and there will be much more to come.)  However the prophesied “beginning of sorrows” by Christ (Matt.24:8) has already begun and has been on the increase for years. (See older article titled Increasing Sorrows for more.)

(This short article is being produced from the COG audio commentary notes of 6/24/16, edited and expanded to make this article. So if some of it looks or sounds familiar to our regular visitors, this is the reason.)


Many of the true COG members have watched for this moment to come, knowing it would have to come sooner or later to fulfill some end time prophecy. The booklet written by Raymond F. McNair, titled America and Britain in Prophecy is for certain a very important piece of material to read at this time. I have been privileged to offer it freely for many years, both here on this site and on a previous one, no longer in use for these Biblical truthful purposes. It is my recommendation that all who have not read this material will go now and download it with the intent to read it all.


The USA and the UK are actually brothers by Genealogical decent; both coming from Joseph whom Jacob blessed right before dying, and this is the approach of the late Mr. McNair’s research and writing in the above mentioned material. (See this material for Scriptural proof, as many Scriptures are given for that proof.) These two are the main birthright holders of the firstborn blessing that were promised first to Abraham for his descendants, which was then passed on to Isaac, then to his son Jacob. His name was changed to Israel, by the God of the OT. Jacob had twelve sons who were later called “tribes” of Israel and after God brought them out of Egyptian captivity, they became the Kingdom & nation of Israel. This has recently been brought out through “truth of the Gospel” programs, also found here on this website. (Visit the Gospel link for more.)


The Scripture records these incidents for all to see, written in the pages of your OT Bible. Within the first five books, anyone can see how God, beginning with Abraham, gave the covenant promise to him and worked to fulfill them. God is fulfilling His purpose for humanity but all Israel is His covenant people. The covenant of national blessings was split when it came to Joseph and was passed to his two sons. It has not passed any further, through time, remaining with these two as there are no prophecy for that to be passed on to any other peoples. That work of God was still going on when the USA was breaking away from Britain in 1776, in order to become two nations and is still going on. We are now beginning to see more clearly the curses that were prophesied for national sins. The USA and Great Britain, as the UK was known back then, have both received the Biblical promises of great blessings, and as you will see when you read the material I have just freely offered you; we as nations are on the downhill slope and now into the curses pronounced for all Israel for these national sins. (See Deut.28 & Lev.26) There is also an article of a few years, titled A nation in decline that pertains to the USA and what has been happening over the last few years to it, as partially mentioned above.


Notice this quote for you; a small excerpt from the later part of this free booklet, in Chapter 5. (Emphasis of highlighting mine) “The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand-all of these political entities will disappear from history. “But, as with the ancient Kingdom of Israel, the citizenry of these countries (who are of Israelite descent) will not be completely wiped out (Amos 9:8-9). What will happen to those who are not destroyed?”  (So be sure and read this material for that answer!)


This Brexit vote has set forth another step in end time prophecy, so it is in your best interest to be aware of what is coming very soon on these two countries, as well as the rest of the world. Will the USA elect its first women as president; a known liar and felon? It is clear we are not to be the powerful nation we once were anymore. Incidentally, the British currency known as the pound immediately, after the results of this vote were in, took a hit; though now seems to have stabilized a little on the markets but there is no telling how this will affect Britain’s and the US economies, for the long run except by Biblical prophecy and what it indicates. David Cameron, as the British PM declared he would resign right after the Brexit Vote was shown to leave the EU. Now two women have risen as candidate’s to fill that office. The European Union also now wants Britain out as quickly as possible, as they have plans to move forward now in ways they could not have, with Britain as part of the EU. They will establish and build their own military force as is prophesied, rising higher in authority on the world scene in order to eventually become the last revival of the empirical beast, which is also fulfillment of prophecy. There are many indicating factors that this will now speed up world events and Christ will return soon—but it may seem like forever as we see these horrifying events of the future unfold.


There are so many indicating factors that this “Brexit Vote” to leave the EU may have triggered in prophecy, which we need to be watching closely, going forward. I suggest to you, as a member of the true COG, one should remember Gods words of end time prophecy and their details, concerning these two countries. Christ spoke this for true Christians of our time, found in Luke 21:36 for a reason: “Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man." NKJ

The Brexit from the EU is certainly another step in fulfillment of end time prophecy. Britain will continue to weaken and falter as time goes forward. There is much yet to come but it may now come very quickly, so be alert to these things of prophecy. We also see this nation (USA) continue to crumble and disintegrate from within, as the internal divide continues to widen.


                                                                                                                  (Editor for TCOGMSO)

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