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These are all what can be referred to as eBooks or booklets! It is recommended that you copy or download the written booklet material (entirely free with no follow up) from the web site, as the hard copies are expensive to produce. This is not a Church organizational website with funds to mass produce material. (Read About page for more) Downloads are free and encouraged. I thank you for allowing me to serve you and hope this material is helpful to your Spiritual walk.  To download, right clicking on the title and then click “save target as” to your designated file folder. The booklets listed below (most of them) were once posted on a website that was also founded by this editor, but is no longer in use. (Further explanations given below, under each booklet title.)




America & Britain in Prophecy

It is my pleasure to present this attractive and informative booklet, written by Raymond McNair and edited by Eve McNair.

Mrs. McNair granted permission to present this work through this editor on the website MTCOGSM (No longer in use by this editor) for educational purposes to all who desire the truth on this subject. The editor (by permission) condensed it to this format several years ago in the hope it would be freely downloaded and read through. It has been transferred by the editor for use on this site for the same purpose. You will find within the booklet the truth about these countries not widely known today! If you desire your own copy of the original, (which has many pictures I could not save in this format) please contact this new site with that request. I have a very few copies of this work left on hand, so please download your own copy if possible, from this site. 


EIGHTH DAY                            NEW Booklet, free for download

This new booklet is a twofold extensive subject, dealing with what this eighth day represents, as well as information on what has been termed in the past by many as a 7,000 year plan. It is the author’s good pleasure to offer you this booklet as a free download. No hard copies are being produced at this time. (Posted on 11/2/16)

Few understand that God, from the beginning, desired that all mankind be a part of His Family/Kingdom and is the very purpose for the creation of man. God is essentially reproducing His own kind through man, but gave them free-moral-agency (Freedom to choose their own way) by setting before them two choices. Eve was blindsided by Satan in the Garden of Eden with a very subtle deception and her and Adam made the wrong choice that has affected all of their children—the human race. Satan was given 6,000 years to rule over mankind because of their sin and his time is almost up. Read the booklet for more.



This Booklet was authored by the editor and added in Feb. 2010 to the previous web site founded by the editor.  (download only)

This booklet has much Biblical truth displayed in Scriptural content and will take you on an imaginary journey all the way back to the very beginning, before the book of Genesis and anything that exists was created. It will then bring you back through time, in seven chapters, to REVEAL some of the MYSTERY of many probable details of what God has been doing since the very beginning. Are you ready to be amazed by this hypothesis of some of the MYSTERY of perhaps billions of years? Then click the title and begin reading, or download it today for reading latter!



THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST!                                                

And the mark of the beast! 666   What are they symbols of? 

(This booklet was written over ten years ago and has now been updated and shortened in content by the author for use on this website. Any old hard copies are now obsolete. It is recommended that you download (free) from this site to re-read it.)   

Is there really going to be a “Beast” who forces a “mark” on people in order for them to be able to have a job, or to “buy and sell”? This booklet will open your eyes to a lot of things that perhaps you have never understood about our very near future, and the historical & Biblical “Image” of the beast! It also has some insight into how God is allowing America to be weakened as it draws toward its end as a nation. Many of the things in the booklet concerning the image of the beast have already come to pass and are mentioned as history. However, very few know what this is and do not recognize it in our world today.



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