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It is recommended by the editor that you download these studies, taking the time to be using your own Bible to look up the scriptures. In doing so, you will be able to do the studies at your own pace and become more familiar with what your Bible really says.  These studies may also use other translations and give word definitions for clarity, hoping to make them easier to understand.   I have now added an audio study and hope you enjoy your Bible studies as you review the passages in your Bible.

(Studies are listed alphabetically, not in order of date written. Some of the present studies are from older website files, edited and updated for this website by the editor.)



A Passover Study   Simply deals with Old and New Testament Scriptures, as well as the new symbols, in question and answer format.

Acts 7      This Bible study gives another look at what some thought to be confusing or contradictory passages, with possible explanations of these hard to understand Scriptures.


Christ’s Return is the title. (Click here for readable transcript.)The newly added (to this page) audio Bible study — dealing with Scriptures on the subject and what they reveal, plus exposes any false doctrine alluding to a supposed third coming, closely related to some aspects of the false rapture theory. (Click title to listen)

Coming out of Darkness  In this study is the concept of coming out of sin as compared to Israel coming out of Egypt. The ninth plague was a plague of supernatural darkness, and the instigator of all sin is the prince and power of darkness. There are some parallels that one can draw from, which are indicated in this study. NEW


EATING OF UNLEAVENED BREADThe main focus of this study is obeying God in the command of eating of the bread—was it commanded to be every day of the festival? When did some of the COG decide this was not commanded for every day? Did the COG ever teach it was commanded to be eaten every day? Is a willing desire not to eat it every day a sin? See the study for answers. Newly updated


FEAST OF TRUMPETS—This Bible study reveals an annual festival on the first day of the 7th month according to the Hebrew Calendar. It is the fourth step in the plan of God, picturing His return at the 7th Trumpet to redeem all of the first fruits in the 1st resurrection.


Noah & the Ark—This study examines if Noah, his family and all the animals and birds were in the Ark for seven days, waiting for it to start raining, as some in the COG of the past have taught in error and some still believe today?


Partiality    (Bible study has been newly updated) Is partiality, according to Scripture, a sin? Is there any passage that proves God shows partiality and therefore is NOT a sin?  What Scripture shows it IS a sin?

PENTECOST is a Newly Added Bible study, covering information on the third step in God’s master plan for the salvation of the first fruits. It has many questions and an easy to follow format for quicker learning from your Bible.


REVIEWING THE FALL HOLY DAYSA transcript & audio of a short bible study revealing Scriptural information for the last 4 steps in God’s plan. (Posted 9/13/18—about 23 min.)  NEW


SANCTIFIED TIME  (A mini Bible study.)  Did God sanctify a permanent Sabbath rest for the people of God? Who are the people of God today, spiritually speaking?


Sea of Glass  This is a NEW short study with information concerning visions and the sea of glass. (Posted 5/12/19)

SEVENTY WEEKS PROPHECYIs the last week already half over, by Christ using the first half with His ministry, as some are teaching? What is that teaching really based on and does it ignore keys to understanding the prophecy?


Spoiling the Egyptiansdid this event take place while Israel was getting ready to leave Egypt on the 14th or was it already done or mostly so, before hand? What does Scripture reveal? (This Bible study is based on a much older work and research by the editor/author, but has been re-edited for use here.)


The Harlot of Rev.17 exposed    If you do not yet understand who this harlot is, this will be an eye opening Bible study to undertake! The Bible does expose her for what she is. NEW


The Two Trees—did these two trees really exist and if so, why? Did Adam and Eve ever eat of the tree of life? Would the world be different if they had?


TRINITY DOCTRINE  (A mini Bible study) IS God … a three in one being? Does evidence show the God of the Bible really is a trinity, or does it prove He is not and never will be?


WAVE SHEAF DAY   This Bible study has information of Christ fulfilling the Wave Sheaf, being that Spiritual offering. It also shows how others are inconsistent on Biblical counting to Pentecost when Passover falls on the weekly Sabbath. That inconsistent method stems from flawed reasoning, which is also explained. It goes into great detail of explaining the correct counting procedure so that one can rest assured they are keeping the day of Pentecost on the right day, every year. 


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