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This is a COG oriented member’s personal website, a witnessing website for anyone who is interested.   (There were two previous domains; .net and .com, which have now merged into the .com only. See below)


About the website;

The website tcogmso.net was established on April the 7th -2015. The .com was later added in July of the same year. Both domains previously went to the same information. I, the editor/author/founder/originator of both domains am a True COG member (which is a Spiritual Organism—not any single organization today) for over 43 years, who has the desire to serve others with the truth’s God has revealed to me through His Holy Spirit and the Bible. The seven letters reflect that, as is stated in the header of the home page, which remains the same. I have now dropped the .net aspect, although much of that information will remain available. The contract for it will not renew in April, 2019 but TCOGMSO.COM will continue on with all the same info until further notice. For that reason, the original email contact has been changed to tcogmso.com.  In order for that to work for you, you must have a default email address set up in your computer or hand-held device. 

NOTICE TO ANYONE INTERESTED: The tcogmso.net domain will not be for sale or further use, as it belongs to me and always has. It will be discontinued. If you have a tcogmso.net icon on your computer, you must change/earmark it to tcogmso.com in order to continue pulling up the site.


The website service and its information has been and still is for the many scattered members in various COG groups, as well as all humanity, as you see above. All literature and audio, unless otherwise noted is authored and edited at this time by the owner/founder of this web site. Remember, this is an individual COG member site, not an organizational one, therefore finances are very limited but everyone is welcome to download anything from the website. Materials/audios may be dropped off after some time, to be replaced by something else. As the founder of this web-site, I simply go by the title of “Editor” for various reasons. It is the goal of this website to enlighten people on what the Bible actually does say and/or reveal, plus be a witness of points of the true Gospel to those anywhere in the world that I can reach with the internet; anyone who may chance to visit the site. Thanks to all for the opportunity to serve you with this web-site.


About the editor (and some personal history)

I have suffered (Mid-Dec,2018) and still am from the results of a stroke. This has affected my right hand, right side of my face and speaking ability, which I am still struggling with. For that reason, the Gospel section has been running the older messages. This is not an extensive history by any means, as that would take much too long, & not being that important. However, as the writer, editor and founder of this site, I had established the website logo several years ago (wolf, lamb & child—in a previous website) which is based on the true wording of Isa.11:6. I had the idea for the Logo (picture/plaque to the left on Home) which stems from Isa.11:6 & Isa.65:25 for decades, soon after coming into WCG. I quickly found myself wondering why the WCG used a lion with the lamb, which neither of those verses seem to present together, without some word changing or alteration. This was even discussed from time to time over the years, never receiving a satisfactory explanation.)

As a believer of the Word of God, I am, as stated above, an individual member of the True Church of God desiring to serve GOD/Christ and humanity with truth; being a part of the one Spiritual organism which is now scattered into many organizations and locations, at this time of Laodicea. Many have become lukewarm and compromising, with their own ideas, while the few (being scattered) still cling to the truths of the Bible and reality.

(Let me state here that I am not seeking, (nor ever have) personal recognition nor a following with this website—as I have previously been falsely accused of by some, even in the ministry) I am just sharing truth and my comments/opinions freely with others who may also be committed to these same truths and understanding, but have become confused and possibly disoriented by others, even in the COG, over time.)

It is my firm belief and acknowledgment Christ intended for the COG (Spiritual organism) as a whole and by commission, to be proclaiming the true Gospel, as we see was done in the early Church, and restored through HWA. The COG today is not just any single organization of men that may claim to exclusively be the COG, as some are doing. (See1Cor.12:12-31) That is another part of the reason for a website to begin with, as too many people get caught up in following men and organizations and lose sight of bits and pieces of truth. The true COG is non-denominational, with Christ as its head and always has been, (always being a Spiritual organism existing thru time) which is made up of those who have in them and are actively being led by the Holy Spirit. (Rom.8:9,14—Eph.4:1-6, as well as other Scriptures.) The Spirit of God will lead or guide anyone in that one body into more understanding of His truth, (See John16:13.) IF that person is truly converted, submissive and humble enough to be led; this is very important to understand, in this last era of Laodicea! We, as true Christians are not to be just followers of men and organizations, but of Christ and God and their Word & way of living.


As a COG member for now over 43 years; being baptized and given the Holy Spirit in Feb, 1976 and after attending the WCG for a short period of time beforehand, while proving truth. Herbert W. Armstrong was the leading individual of that organization at that time. It was a period of time determined as the Philadelphia Era of the COG and as such, seemed to fit the historical time frame and predominate spirit of the sixth letter to the Churches in Rev.2&3. I personally began writing Biblical based content in short articles for the outside world in a column (titled “Spiritual Inspiration”) for my local newspaper in 1985.


About who is in charge at this website;

Time and time again over the last three decades, many ministers have set themselves up as the ones who should lead and they are inevitably continuing to scatter the flock. This is shameful and does not represent our Lord and Master, Jesus the Christ, as good ambassadors. It does not reflect the spirit of Philadelphia nor the love that shows us to be Christ’s disciples. (John 13:34-35)

As a member of the one true COG body and Spiritual organism, I have placed this website and myself in the hands of the LIVING GOD and His Son, my Lord and savior Jesus the Christ, with hope and prayer that He guide all that is said and done here through the Holy Spirit and by use of the entire Bible. For that reason, sometimes what is found here does not exactly match some of the teachings of COG organizations and may sometimes even point out their errors simply by revealing the truth according to what the Bible teaches or reveals. However, I also know that inevitably some mistakes will be made and have to be corrected when seen, as I am also still only a human with flaws. If you choose to correct something you find here, that is well and good, being readily excepted if you can prove from the Bible that I am in error. Then please send me an email to point me to that correction, found in the Bible.


I hope all you visitors to this Website will profit from it & continue your study of the Bible, gaining something spiritually helpful from what you find here. Thank you for allowing me to serve you,


                                                                                                         The editor for TCOGMSO



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