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This is a COG oriented member’s personal website, which will immediately be phasing out some of the material and then will be shutting down in the near future. (See more below)


About the editor and the website

As the editor of this web-site, I have chosen to shut the site down for a number of reasons—some have already been mention on this page—at which time I will be taking it off the net completely. I will leave the existing material up for now, in case some of you visitors want to download anything from it before it shuts down. How long that will be—I do not know exactly—as my own home computer is starting to act up and may quit on me. In the event of that happening, I will simply call my provider and have them to remove the site.

I would suggest that all who have enjoyed this web site and the material that is here might want to visit some of the COG organizational sites that still are trying to stay on track with the truth of the Bible.


I hope all you regulars as well as occasional visitors to this Website will have come to profit from what you have found here & continue your study of the Bible, always gaining something spiritually helpful. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as I was able to do with this website. May God continue to bless your efforts to hold fast what you have!


                                                                                                         The editor for TCOGMSO



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