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This is a COG oriented member’s personal website, which will immediately be phasing out some of the material and then will be shutting down in the near future. (See more below)


About the editor and the website

As the editor, I have suffered (in Mid-Dec, 2018) and still am from the results of a stroke. This has affected my right hand, (which has impeded my ability to do much typing) and I have pain there sometimes far worse than normal. The right side of my face has lost most sensitivity and hampered speaking ability, which I am still struggling with. My thinking and memory has also been affected to a degree, which makes it difficult for me concentrate and to continue to keep the site updated in a timely manner. For that reason, the “Gospel” section was running the older messages for this entire 2019 year, to this date (9/01/2019) and therefore has now been shut down. (9/15/19) The contact page has also been removed. In light of that, I have had problems with the server for several months; getting emails to me. (They were not being directed to the right email box (as I was told when I called them) and still may not be, even after they said they fixed it so I never get them if there is any coming.) The web-site itself will be shut down soon, as it is apparent to me that I cannot keep it going.


(Let me state for the record, and for those who think that I have been seeking personal recognition and a following with this website. That has never been true because I am not (nor ever have) seeking a following—as I have previously been falsely accused of by some, even in the ministry over the years) This site has always been about/to publicize the truth of the Bible as it is written and with my own comments.


It was and still is my firm belief and acknowledgment from Scripture that Christ intended true Christians to live by every word of God (Matt.4:4, Luke 4:4 from Deut. 8:3) and for the COG (Spiritual organism) as a whole and by commission, to be supportive/proclaiming the true Gospel, as we see was done in the early Church as it was scattered, (Acts 8:4) and then restored in the early 20th century through HWA. The COG today is very scattered once again and is not just any single organization made by/of men that may claim to exclusively be the COG, as some are doing. (See1Cor.12:12-31) That was another part of the reason for my website to begin with, as too many people get caught up in following men and organizations (with their own teachings in some areas—even today) and lose sight of bits and pieces of truth. The true COG is non-denominational, with Christ as its head (of each member) and always has been, (always being a Spiritual organism existing thru time, seen by a proper examination of the seven letters in Rev.2&3 and history) which is made up of those individuals who have in them and are actively being led by the Holy Spirit. (Rom.8:9,14—Eph.4:1-6, as well as other Scriptures.) The Spirit of God will lead or guide anyone in that one collective body into more understanding of His truth, (See John16:13.) IF that person is truly converted or desiring to be, submissive and humble enough to be led; and this is very important to understand, in this last era of Laodicea! We, as true Christians are not to be just followers of men and organizations, but of Christ and God and their Word & way of living. I personally know that some ministers have come to the point of adding into Scripture (in some sermons) things that the Bible does not say, and leaving out some things that it does say—or misinterpreting it.


As a member of the one true COG body and Spiritual organism, I have placed this website and myself in the hands of the LIVING GOD and His Son, my Lord and savior Jesus the Christ, with hope and prayer that He guide all that is said and done here through the Holy Spirit and by use of the entire Bible. For that reason, sometimes what is found here does not exactly match some of the teachings of COG organizations and may sometimes even point out their errors simply by revealing the truth according to what the Bible teaches or reveals. However, I also know that inevitably some mistakes will be made and have to be corrected when seen, as I am also still only a human and subject to flaws. That has now become a far greater danger because my mind is no longer working as it should and did up until I had the stroke. As time has gone by, I realize I will not be able to continue as I once had hoped for. However, you must continue to thoroughly search out the truth of the Bible and hold fast to the truth, not just any person’s writing or an organization claiming to be the COG. Prove the truth by the truth! (John17:17)


I hope all you regulars as well as occasional visitors to this Website will have come to profit from you have found here & continue your study of the Bible, always gaining something spiritually helpful and maybe even from what you have found here. Thank you for allowing me to serve you as I was able and with this website.


                                                                                                         The editor for TCOGMSO



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