Abortion is Murder!


With all the buzz and uproar in the news over the Planned Parenthood scandal; now that planned parenthood officials or “doctors” have been caught harvesting and selling aborted baby body parts, should this be a crime and punishable just like any other murder of human life! Why should this be a matter for politicians, doctors or even the Supreme Court only to decide, when it is the hard-earned money of the American tax payers that seem to be supporting these procedures? Though some are now crying out to take this government funding away, the sane and rational mind can see this is just more evidence of the decline, both physical and morally, in the USA. (See A NATION IN DECLINE for more.)


Who really has the authority to determine when life begins?


Gen 1:27-28 “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply----

God obviously started this marriage and child bearing process at creation, with the first man and woman, as Eve is called the “mother of all living”. (Gen.3:20) Shouldn’t God’s word be the standard that all humanity, especially the “Christian” realm of our society, goes by to determine if abortion is murder or not?  What does the Bible reveal about when life begins?


Many, who are now visiting this website, as well as readers of COG material from several other sources, know that America is going in a totally different direction today than what it was less than 50 years ago. In the scheme of things, that is not very long. To step back just a little further, into the 50’s and 60’s when parents had a greater sense of decency and taught that to their children. The Ten Commandments were recited and even taught to children back then, as well as creationism. Perversities such as homosexuality and lesbianism were very seldom heard of and were highly inexcusable behaviors, certainly very few believed anyone was “born that way”—these were even looked upon and called “queers” in those days, simply because of their queer and evil behaviors! Abortions were certainly not legal, being considered as murder and abhorrence in the minds of most. Far fewer teenage girls were getting pregnant in High School in the 50’s and early 60’s, then seeking abortions, simply because they were taught better by their parents and morality had not yet descended into the cesspool of what we see today. What has happened to change all of that in such a short time and just how does God view all of this? God’s views do not change with the times! God is not pleased at all and is withdrawing His blessing and protection from our nation because of too many sinful and abominable practices!


With the landmark court decision of Roe vs. Wade, making abortions legal, the country began a slow but steady downhill slide and God began to pull back His blessings because there was no national repentance. Just recently the same Court (different judges) made another landmark ruling legalizing the homosexual-same-sex marriages in all 50 states! If a person does some honest reflection on what has been happening, it is not that hard to see that some unseen force is driving mankind to destroy themselves! Satan the devil is the adversary of the living God and the Bible tells us he is the prince of the power of the air; (Eph.2:2) the god of this world, (2Cor.4:4) and the deceiver of the whole world. (Rev.12:9) He brought about the first rebellion recorded and destructive chaos ensued even before the creation of man, wiping out all life then on planet earth and His hope was to deter God from going forward with the plan of creating mankind. (These things are learned by those who seriously and diligently study their Bibles)

However, God restrained Lucifer, (Isa.14, Ezek.28 & Rev.12) now Satan and continued right on with His plan, renewed the surface of earth (Gen.1:2 & Ps.104:30) and created all life as we know it, including man. Man was created in the image and likeness of God, but physical in order to be able to reproduce after its kind, just as everything else, as we find when reading the creation account. However, for the sake of righteous character development, man was given intellect (spirit in man) and had to be allowed to choose if he would continue in the way and purpose for his being created, or turn aside and go the way of Satan. There were only two choices and two ways of life given. (See The Two Trees for more) Adam and Eve made the wrong choice, as everyone can read of and were taken captive by Satan. (2Tim.2:26) God maintained that even through this, He would fulfill His planned purpose through man. (Isa.46:9-13, Rom.8:28 & Eph.3:11)


Satan’s first act of murder through humans was when he influenced Cain to kill his brother Able, who was righteous. From then on he has successfully caused humans to break the Commandments and turn on themselves and kill each other, which brings us back to our title. Abortion is the sin of murdering the most innocent and helpless of humanity. Homosexual and lesbian relationship, another abominable sin, cannot reproduce! (See article-“Natural, Normal or--- for more on that subject) Sin is lawlessness, the transgression of the Law of God. (1John 3:4) What does the sixth commandment say? (Deut. 5:17, “You shall not murder”) But in our world today, still under the influence of Satan, there are always those trying to reason around what the clear word of God says with their laws and they do the same with human life. (However some today put more emphasis on animal life than human) Some early on began to claim that a child had to be so far along in development, during the gestation period, before it was considered a life—then it was decided that the baby has to take the first breath of oxygen before they are actually alive, and for the purpose of harvesting body parts, such as they are now doing, that is more convenient because the babies were much more mature and many more “parts” and cells could be harvested from one abortion. God revealed a long time ago what the truth is on this issue of abortion, as we are seeing in this article. Some in this country still believe that human life begins with conception, even as the Bible indicates.


In the beginning book of the Bible we find this recorded for the first child to ever be conceived, then born; Gen 4:1        “Now Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived and bore Cain, and said, "I have acquired a man from the LORD." The word used for “conceived” in the above verse has the same meaning as our English word conception. Notice below what is found in the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Electronic Database Copyright (C) 1996 by Biblesoft, emphasis mine;  CONCEPTION; CONCEIVE      (kon-sep'-shun), (kon-sev') (harah, and derivatives; sullambano): Physically, the beginning of a new life in the womb of a mother”--- .  Strong’s gives a definition that means “to be or become pregnant”, which is at conception/fertilization of the egg by the male sperm.


So, just when did life start, for moral and Biblical clarity’s sake? We can get another example from the NT writings, beginning in Matthew chapter one. Here we find some genealogy—the “begotten”—from one generation to another. The words begot or beget, have this meaning, given here from Vine's Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words (Copyright (C) 1985, Thomas Nelson Publishers; “BEGET, BEAR (OF BEGETTING) 1. gennao ^1080^, "to beget," --- is chiefly used of men "begetting" children, <Matt. 1:2-16>;” (This is a reference to conception or impregnation, the start of a new life. See BORN AGAINfor the Spiritual aspect.) 

 We find in Luke 1:24 & 36 the word “conceived” also has the same meaning as seen above for the same word in Gen.4:1. (sullambano) This shows that in both the Old and New Testament, the meaning is the same for the beginning of a new human life. But there is much more information we could cover, which we will leave to the reader to discover on your own, but here is one more example in Scripture, showing that God even gave instructions to Israel on what to do if an unborn child was accidentally harmed or caused to die by two men fighting! The baby was considered a life even in the womb. (Exo.21:22-23)

 (Please do your own research and by all means fix it in your mind to believe what you see in your own Bible, and not what the courts of the land, doctors and abortionist have decided. Please think about the things revealed herein, as we begin to conclude this article.)


All anyone has to do is go to most any encyclopedia and check under “embryo” or “fertilization” to find that growth begins immediately when the male sperm unites with the female egg. (I looked under “embryo” and “fertilization”—in an older 1980 edition of World Book encyclopedia, as well as on the internet—when doing research for this article.) The internet gives anyone easy access to a wide range of information showing the stages of growth in the womb and giving the days for each stage. Life truly does begin at conception with the joining of the live male sperm to the living female egg inside the mother’s womb. This ignites a process that within days produces all kinds of blood cells and veins and blood vessels connected from the embryo to the mother, that in a few weeks’ time has grown through the embryo stage and developed into a fetus in the womb. From day one of this process of fertilization—through the time of gestation from conception to embryo to fetus until birth, the forming child is alive, and goes through various stages of development in the womb. This metamorphosis does not stop at birth, but continues right on through childhood, puberty and into maturity and adulthood. So who can determine that it is not murder when someone deliberately decides to stop this natural process of life’s growth at any stage of development toward maturity and adulthood?


Notice this quote concerning conception, taken from an article on “fertilization” found on an internet site; “Once released, egg and sperm alike are destined to die (meaning that they are both alive when released!) within minutes or hours (at the most) unless they find each other and fuse in the process of fertilization. Through fertilization, the egg and sperm are saved: (they do not die) the egg is activated to begin its developmental program”,-- and this of course is the start of a new life of another human. Note this Bible passage; Lev 17: 11 & 14   (11) “For the life of the flesh is in the blood”,-----(14) "for it is the life of all flesh. Its blood sustains its life. ---for the life of all flesh is its blood.”—which is oxygen carried through the blood and as was stated above, some of the very first things to develop are blood veins that develop and run through an umbilical cord to keep life infused from the mother into this new and growing embryo, which also very quickly begins to build its own blood, quickly developing a beating heart of its own, as well as all other organs. The “breath” of life (oxygen) is in the blood, so that excuse for murdering a child cannot be used! According to the Bible and in God’s eyes, life is there from the beginning.

The built in miracle of conception and physical life growing from that, created and set in motion by God in Adam and Eve, is the very type of a new Spiritual life being begotten and then to grow toward Spiritual birth. (Listen to the message “Are YOU Born Again” on the Gospel’s page. Just click the link below for the page.)

God is reproducing Himself through mankind! What man or woman, judge, doctor or even a president has the right to decide when that life should be snuffed out without its full chance to become a full grown human and then become a begotten child of God? Certainly no human has that right!



                                                                                                   (Written for TCOGMSO.COM, by the editor)


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