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You will find over 80 individual articles below, including parts of any series and each Commandment individually, so downloading is encouraged and is free! (Scroll down to the bottom to view them all.) It is recommended that you read the verses given in each article or at least check them with your Bible, believing what the Bible reveals. The articles are in alphabetical order. Many of the verses are printed out for your convenience. Articles dealing with individual Commandments will be at the top of the page and not in alphabetical order, but by number. Click any link to read the article, or feel free to download it for reading and study later. For any questions, please refer to the “contact” page, which is an email that works from your own email to the website.



First Commandment = Love for God—something every true Christian should have and keep developing by trying to always put God first.

Second Commandment = Idolatry—is it possible that millions have never heard of this command? How many who have heard it really consider the extent of it?

Third Commandment = disrespect to the LORDS name—and certainly does apply to modern day people who may claim to be Christians! Read the article to understand.

Fourth Commandment = “GOD SAID       Did the creator God say that only one day in every week was sanctified by Him for worship and is the “Sabbath of the Lord”?

Fifth Commandment = Honor to God and parents?   Does this Command have a dual meaning and purpose? Is that why it is in the middle? Read the article and see what you think.

Sixth Commandment = respect for human life!       The world we live in today is quickly coming to the point of end time prophecy, simply because this command is being ignored.

Seventh Commandment = being faithful in marriage!  Is it “Lawful” for a man or woman to divorce for just any reason? Could this cause someone to commit adultery?

Eighth Commandment = don’t be a thief! In this world today, how many violate this Command in their everyday life? Is it that common?  Read for more

Ninth Commandment  = Being honest. The world could use a few more honest people, however they seem to be getting less as time goes on. What is this Command really about?

Tenth Commandment = Lust not after--     Does this Commandment really mean not to lust? Read and find out.


A Pentecost to Remember  How much do you remember about the first Pentecost or even your first Pentecost? (posted on 5/14/18)

A Second Time?  Does “second” mean two or twice? What about Christ’s return and all those details?  (Posted 8/4/18)

Abortion is Murder!    Once again, this has become a “hot topic” issue in the USA, because of the Planned Parenthood scandal. What does the Bible reveal on this?

Abraham’s children This article is a short question and answer article, added for the purpose of growing in knowledge of statements in your bible.

AGE OF MAN           Does the Bible reveal the length of time man has been on earth, and are we living in the last days?     

A Nation in Decline      Is the USA on its way down and out? Have leaders encouraged us all to believe everything is getting better when in fact the decline is worsening? Will the American people wake up, through repentance and change, in time to save the nation? Where are the real leaders who have good moral character, integrity and sound judgment?

An American Prophecy    This article is from the old website, with some statements showing how quickly the degradation of the nation is coming, and was being warned against. See the other newly added article below for more that was also written before the US Supreme Court ruled on same-sex marriages, it shows even more of the progression toward this ruling.

Alternate Reality      Can you control where your life is taking you? Are you destined to be just what you are or can you change? Is there an alternate reality for you?

Are things going wrong?  What does it take to make us wake up and see things are just not what they should be in our lives?

Are you lost? New article posted 7/7/19. Lukewarm-ness getting you down? This may help those who may be wondering if they are now lost.


Binding Satan   What a glorious time on earth this will be when there will be no more of the devil’s influence, pictured by the 5th step in God’s plan for mankind!  Read the article for more

BORN AGAIN     (Now has audio) When is a person actually born again? Is the teaching and belief of that happening in the flesh really Scriptural? Read or now listen the article for more.

Brexit vote Prophecy   What prophecy have you recognized is in the works as a possible outcome from this recent departure of Britain from the EU?    

Broken Vows    How important is it to you to keep your promises, the vows of love and loyalty you may have made with others? What about when you commit in marriage to someone for the rest of your life? Can you discard any promise or those vows without a real good Bible related reason and still maintain the covenant relationship with God?  Read the article for more


Can God Die? This was previously titled “Death of God” and has now been re-written, re-titled and shortened.        (Newly revised Article)

Cause and effect     How many really think about this as applying to their choices; a rule of life, set in motion at creation?

Causes of Evil         A NEW ARTICLE (based on the series found in the Gospel) for 2019. This is information you do not want to miss out on!   (Posted 1/13/19)

Christmas Lies   (A new short commentary from the editor) Are you guilty of going along with these?

Christianity—do some today have trouble in determining which is true and which is false? Can you tell by the way they speak or write on the subject?

Committed to truth     How many, in our world today, have the level of commitment they need to really be a Christian? Does this apply to you?

Consequences of Sin    What are some of the consequences of sin, in today’s world? Can your sins cause suffering to others, perhaps even innocent children? 

Counting to PentecostHow many really do this anymore? Does this come the same time every year, and if so why count? Is it still a Command for NT Christians—the true COG?


Differences of Beliefs   Why do so many COG groups today, all claiming to be a part of only one body, have these? This article may help you start seeing the major problem!

Division   This ARTICLE (has audio) was written for the public interests, as well as for those in the COG realm. We all need to learn more about this subject from the Biblical perspective.

DIVORCE vs. COMMITMENT (Pt,1) This is a two part article, dealing with divorce in the COG. Some seem to have a divorce mentality they never repented of.

Divorce vs. Commitment Pt.2  This section gets into more of the details of Scripture, exposing some of the unconverted ways the divorce minded may use.


Essential “C’s” for the faithful.  Do you know what these are?   Are some of these lacking in the COG realm today? Read the article for more.

Every Word? Are true Christians really expected to live by every word of God? What if they don’t even understand every word? Read the article for more

EXERCISING Godly WISDOM  IS addressing an old problem for the USA and its leaders. It also addresses some of the problems of COG organizations today.

Exposing Easter’s claims  --as we have now come past this for one more year, but still waiting for Passover; isn’t it time to be honest which is really Christian?


Failing in life? Is it as simple as following instructions to avoid failures in life? You may be surprised at the simplicity of this.

Faith & Abraham   What does true Christian faith have to do with the Abraham of the Old Testament? Can we have faith like that of Abraham and if so how? Read the article for more.

Fractures of the Heart  This was written and posted on 7/26/17. How many think about whom all might be suffering for their mindless mistakes?

Freedom of Religion  Where did this come from and how did it actually originate? Does the Bible grant and sanction freedom of religion as a way to gain salvation?


God of the Old Testament   How many really understand and BELIEVE the Word of God on this subject? Does the Bible reveal the truth on this? Read the article for more.

GODLY GOVERNMENT   Do you what it is? Are you sure? How many churches claim their governing is according to what Christ established? Read this NEW article (2019) for more.

GOD’S MERCY  designed to help us begin to think and read about how great the mercy of God really is!

GROWING SPIRITUALLY and Learning about GOD. This is ARTICLE containing information about GOD OUR SAVIOR that we can learn from Scripture. (Posted on 10/8/18)


Heart of Deceit   This ARTICLE gives some insight into what true Christians must avoid and/or overcome to inherit eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

Heresy              This article has some application to what is now coming from some of the COG groups, but how many really understand what this is?

How can you know   is the first NEW Article of 2019. Do you know that you know you are working out your salvation? (Posted 1/2/19)

HWA era & invisible walls of Laodicea.  How much are you aware of these invisible walls that separate the true COG brethren?


Increasing Sorrows   Do the choices made by the leaders and politicians of America have anything to do with the troubles of our time? How about the average US citizen? Are increasing sins bringing increasing sorrows? As time goes on this will become much clearer to those now wondering! Newly updated, now also with audio.

Ingratitude    Is this something that can become sin, happening to a true Christian? Believe it or not, this sin is more common than you might think and has affected COG members who do not guard against allowing an attitude of ingratitude!


JOSHUA AND CALEB    How many today really know the truth on this subject? Did all Israel over 20 years of age die in the wilderness? Check out the article to see what the Bible reveals.

Judging Angels    Is an article that deals with judging and reveals those who will be qualified to judge angels in the future. ( posted on 12/27/16)

Judgment on the house of God - added on 1/16/17. Who is under judgment of all who claim Christianity today? What is the “House of God”? see article for more.


Kingdom of God          The Gospel Christ preached was about this—the COG was commissioned to continue to preach it, but how many understand what the kingdom really is? 


Laodicea—       Are some confused over this end time COG? What is there about Laodicea that many have lost sight of or been deceived about?

Late Feasts      This short article is being added to help explain the reason for feasts that fall later in the year and why that happens. 

Loyalty    Does God recognize this or the lack of it, in you by the way you conduct your life through whatever circumstances you have found yourself in? What kind of track record does the pattern of your life show? Do your ultimate loyalties find a permanent place to rest in God, his ways, commitments to others or just in yourself? Maybe it is time to think about it! Read the article for more

Man of Sin    Who is this individual prophesied to come? Has he already came and is now dead? Too many are confused on this subject, are you?

Missing Keys  (New for 2019) Are there missing keys in your understanding? This new article may be of some help.  (Posted on 2/08/19)

Missing the mark   How easy is it to slip off of the narrow path and need to repent and be forgiven? How many today have the “Need of nothing” attitude that is missing the mark?


Natural, Normal---?  How many today relate the opposite of these two things in the title to homosexuality and the US Supreme court ruling? Where is this country headed?


Pagan beliefs and true Christianity? This is article has “LISTEN” capability and exposes what is seemingly a false quote that seems to blend false Christianity with the true.

PARALLELS-Calendar  This article is over ten years old and shows some of the existing similarities or parallels with the creation in our solar system, plus it has the Holy Day calendar at the end.

Physical vs. Spiritual    How many today who think they are being Spiritually led are still far more physically focused? How about you?

Plain truth of Christmas    How many really understand Christ was never in this observance today? Where did it come from, if not from Christ & true Christianity?

PRECEPT UPON PRECEPT—Do you know what this means? It seems like a whole lot of people that should-don’t!

Preparing for Baptism     This article is here as helpful information from the Bible for those who search for answers about baptism and its importance for their lives to truly become converted.


Reconciliation     What is this all about and does it apply to just anyone claiming Christ as savior? Does this apply to “Christianity” of today or only the true COG?

Refined by Fire   As Pentecost approaches for 2016, are you allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you through trials and test that will refine you?  

REPENTANCE   This article is another one of importance dealing with conversion, not only when contemplating baptism—but even long after baptism when everything seems to be a test for you.

Reviewing GOD’S annual Festivals  This review is a reminder that these days were commanded and kept by the early COG, pointing to Scriptural evidence.


SEEING YOUR CALLING   As the whole world around us seems to be in disintegrating mode, where do you stand with God. Most do not—so how about you, are you seeing your calling?

SIGNS        How many today are really able to recognize the true signs of God’s Church? Do YOU know what some of them are? Read the article to learn more about signs of the COG today.

Spring Holy Days is now an article commenting on the beginning of God’s master plan. (Posted 4/12/19)

Spiritual Abortion?  How many have ever thought about the possibility of this concept becoming a reality? Is it even possible? Read this new article for more    


The Church    (NEW and posted 5/31/19) With so many COG organizations, is there some way to learn where the true COG is today?

The Church (Pt.2)  (New and posted 6/20/19) More details of the church from the early stages until now. (Mostly from my perspective and the Bible.)

The New CommandmentWho, in our world today really strives to live by trying to love as Christ loved? Where are the true Disciples of Christ today?     

THE TEN COMMANDMENTS   Why do so many think these are obsolete, yet millions claim to be Christian? Does a follower of Christ need to keep them? Is it possible to even be a Christian without keeping the Commandments of God?

The White horse of Rev.6where does this horse fit into the scheme of the religious realm today? Some have in the past and still today confused this white horse with Christ and true Christianity, but are these people being deceived? How about people in this era of the COG, Laodicea; are all of them clearly discerning the difference or does it matter? What is a Christian? Read the article for more.

Why Failure?  This article deals with a reason for failures in life and in marriage, especially one in the COG realm. Some hunt for an excuse to divorce, feeling they have gotten all they can get from their mate; having no regard for serving him or her nor the failure of a marriage. Is that the reason for your divorce? 






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