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Editor’s NOTE & Home updates for; (10/10/19)

A NEW and revised “Reviewing the fall Holy Days” has been posted to Bible Studies.

This web site will now begin its shut down over the next few weeks, as is explained in the “about” page. The booklets page has now been removed.

(Browse below for title updates; plus short comments for each page.)


ABOUT:  Last update  (10/2/19

The already posted update in the last of August has now been updated slightly once again. With the change in format for the web-site, it will now begin to close down. The booklets page and all its content will be the first to go. Be sure to download all you desire to keep within the next few days.


ARTICLES:        (Last update)  10/6/19    

The new and closing article titled Getting back on trackhas been posted, with audios to listen to. Click here to access or go to the page.


Commentary;  Updated 9/16/19)

A new commentary has been added, with the title of “Apostles of today”. What does this have to do with us in the COG today? Are you as alert to deception from your minister as you should be? (It has and added audio link at the bottom.)


 >>AMERICA & BRITAIN IN PROPHECY<<by the late Raymond F. McNair, is still a “must read” to understand our world today and where it is headed! The page is removed but this link and the material remains for now.


BIBLE STUDIES:  (last update)      10/10/19

The last study and a replacement for a previous one has been added. It is titled Reviewing the fall holy days and this is updated for 2019.

Feel free to download any studies on the page and study them at your convenience.



Thank you for visiting and may God guide you in your studies and search for the truth!

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     The picture/window above looks into a Biblical prophecy of the future peaceful time on earth.  “The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb—and a little child shall lead them.”  (based on truthful wording in Isa.11:6 & Isa.65:25.)


   This phrase above the picture theme is what the truly converted ones are now. The picture and phrase below it depicts a coming new world order called the Kingdom of God.


    Christ will return and govern the whole earth with the Government/Law of God, for a thousand years and on beyond, with the faithful saints made Spirit. (Rev.20:4)


    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the “Good News” of the coming KINGDOM OF GOD. (Mark1:1, 14-15) It is the same message that Christ commissioned His true Church to preach/support down through time until His return! (Matt.24:14 & 28:19-20)